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It would be troubling for me if you thought that I'm somebody without manners. I will tell you our names. I am Hitler. That one doesn't talk is Pol Pot. Nice to meet you.
~ Hitler introducing himself alongside Pol Pot.
Basically I know the past lives and talents of all members of the "Forest of the Greats" with my talent "Mastermind" and now, your talent isn't negated. It was just removed through other means, that's all.
~ Hitler explaining his talents.

Adolf Hitler is a minor antagonist from Reincarnation no Kaben. He is one of the five elite generals of The Sinners Organization and also one of the original members of the organization itself alongside Kouu, Charlotte Corday, Gaius Julius Caesar, Pol Pot and Albert DeSalvo. Despite being based on the fascistic dictator himself who is best known for his deplorable atrocities he had committed in real-life such as The Holocaust, which killed six million Jewish people and is considered to be the biggest tragedies that happened in human history and also being one of the most prominent figures in World War II, here, he was depicted as a cute pretty boy who reincarnated from Adolf Hitler himself as he also serves Kouu as one of it's Elite Generals to further his own goals and is also Pol Pot's partner during the battle against Forest of the Greats themselves as he acts as his brain due to Pol Pot's inability to speak and Hitler's inability to fight.


In this manga, Hitler is depicted as a cute, pretty little boy with a shoulder-length blonde hair and a black military clothes with a black commander's hat with Nazi symbol in front of it. He wears a black military suit with a white shirt and black tie tucked inside of it, black pants and a black shoes. In most of his appearance, Hitler spends his time sitting on his mighty throne with two skulls as a handle and a Nazi symbol engraved on the top of the throne, he was also surrounded by other Nazi symbol itself to show his intimidating appearance.


Hitler is portrayed as an affable and refined boy, using his polite and sophisticated behavior to conversating with his enemies alike despite sometimes can be a bit smug when it comes to using his own talent. In addition, much like the Sinners, it is shown that Hitler himself is unable to feel empathy towards other people and has other impulses on causing chaos. He is also a person who prefers other people not fidgeting when it comes to talking and prefer to say it outright.

Despite this, Hitler also shows that he has his rather honorable side alongside Pol Pot as was shown that he decided to spare Newton and Einstein during the battle rather than killing them outright as he also gave them advice to be cautious against the true nature of Forest of the Greats before succumbing to their wounds which resulted on both Einstein and Newton having a new perception towards the Forest of the Greats and become suspicious towards them. Hitler also forms a great relationship with Pol Pot which made their partnership to be deadly in the battle while also having no hesitation to avenge or at the very least help his own comrades in need which can be shown during his reaction after Kouu was injured. Much like most of The Sinners, Hitler was also the part of the organization that were severely mistreated by Forest of the Greats as they were being set up and them being the threats to World Peace which prevents the peaceful coexistence between Forest of the Greats and Sinners.


Before being reincarnated, Adolf Hitler himself is based on one of the most evil dictator ever lived on the planet earth and is one of the most notorious figures during World War II. The head of the Nazi party who upholds the ideal of Aryan supremacy and establishing the Third Reich, Hitler is also responsible for several tragedies such as the Holocaust that murdered six million Jewish people and is considered to be one of the biggest tragedies that happened in history or the invasion of Poland. Due to his atrocities he had committed during his lifetime, Hitler was then reincarnated as a Sinner.

Ten years prior to the main story, as Hitler was reincarnated as a Sinner, he joined Kouu's side and become one of the founding members of Sinners organization alongside Kouu, Julius Caesar, Pol Pot, Albert DeSalvo and Charlotte Corday. At one point, Hitler quarreled with Charlotte because he can't stand her fidgeting which causes him to be scolded by Kouu. After discovering that Kouu establish the Forest of the Greats with other reincarnators as they attempt to establish World Peace, Hitler then suddenly becomes hesitant on accepting Kouu's idea due to the existence of the Sinners being reincarnated from infamous historical figure who is best known for their atrocity which would clash with Forest of the Greats ideals. Despite this, Kouu attempts to convince their hearts alongside Hitler by controlling their impulses while also promising that if the sinners got devoured by talents, he will mercy kill them.

However, after seeing Kouu's plan coexisting with Forest of the Greats was horribly sabotaged because an unknown assailant attacks Kouu's best friend younger brother as The Sinners took all of the blame from all of this which causes Kouu to be heavily injured, Hitler then uses his mastermind talent to save Kouu from trouble as the rest of the Sinners attempts to gather other members in order to fight against Forest of the Greats who become their enemy.

Seeing Kouu being wounded again for the second time by the Forest of the Greats, Hitler and the rest of the Sinners attempts to retaliate with him attempt to use his Enigma skill to gather more Sinners in order to stop Forest o the Greats once and for all in which Kouu attempts to calm them down. However, when Kouu decides to disband the organization and tells the Sinners to find their paths due to the rift he had caused, the Sinners alongside Hitler the other Sinners were displeased by the decision as they threaten to cause more havoc due to their lack of empathy. This resulted in Kouu making a battlefield and a graveyard just for them so that they could fight to their heart's content.

As the battle between Forest of the Greats started, Hitler was then assigned to team up with Pol Pot in order to fight against Forest of the Greats members and defeat them. The plan worked as they managed to defeat the likes of Fabre as he manages to use his talent to negate his invisibility powers while also defeating Charles Darwin, Schrodinger and Bobby Fischer with the same talent that defeated Fabre. When Fischer attempts to rebound in order to defeat both Hitler and Pol Pot, the latter still manages to defeat Fischer in the end.

As Einstein and Newton saw the fight that resulted on some Forest of the Greats members getting defeated by the powerful duo, Newton decides to fight against them. During the fight, Hitler is aware about Einstien's talents strength and weaknesses because of his omniscient talent as Pol Pot manages to dismantle it with his own talent "Fruit of Corruption" which resulted on Einstein to struggle fighting against them and will be killed by Pol Pot in the end.

However, Newton manages to find a loophole on Hitler's omniscient talent as when Newton saw a ferret with Kouu's symbol that was applied on its tummy as Newton drew a conclusion that Hitler applied his seals known as the symbol of Hakenkreuz towards other living creatures in order to observe the Forest of the Greats member's talents. After discovering the loophole, Newton attempts to defend Einstein from Pol Pot's attack after taunting him as Hitler complimented Newton's resolve while telling his efforts is still futile because there are still many creatures applied with the symbol of Hakenkreuz while also telling them that Pol Pot's radius of his corruption was revealed to be longer: Revealed to be around 50 meters instead of 6 m. This resulted on Hitler letting lets Pol Pot to attack them again in which Newton attempts to defend it.

However, towards the end of the battle, both Hitler and Pol Pot decided to spare Newton and Einstein as Hitler was unable to attack both Newton and Einstein due to his lack of attacking skills. The reason why they decided to spare both Newton and Einstein is because they were going to be annihilated at the end as this was decided before the battle began which resulted in both Hitler and Pot wanting to take lives of the Forest of the Great members as many as they can as they prefer not to kill humans and also perceiving some of the Forest of the Greats members lied to themselves and having no humanity.

Despite this, both Hitler and Pol Pot bids farewell towards Newton and Einstein as they succumbed to their wounds while also warning them that they should not trust what the Forest of the Greats leader, Neumann, has said towards them which causes both Einstein and Newton questioning Neumann's dubious perception if the Sinners are truly villains in his eyes as they seemingly doesn't want to cause chaos despite their numbers far greater than them.

Powers and Abilities

Hitler himself is not a rather skillful fighter as said by himself. However, he compensate with lack of brawn and fighting skills with his wit and brains. With his brain, he is able to use his talent Mastermind, which is essentially a talent using the symbol of Hakenkreuz and applied it to other living creatures in order to observe and analyze the talents that his enemies has so that Pol Pot could do his dirty job to finish them off. This talent alone made him seems omniscient due to the fact that he can observe almost anything with it. Another talent that he had is Enigma, as it is stated by Hitler that this power can be used to attract Sinners to his side in order to help Kouu defeating Forest of the Greats.


  • His talent, Mastermind, is inspired by Hitler's own political style and believes about propaganda. As according to one of Hitler's followers, Joseph Goebbles, a lie can become a truth if you tell it big enough and keep repeating it several times which can also correlates with Hitler's charisma with the Nazi Party.

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