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~ Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is an antagonist in several Studio C sketches. He is a fictionalized version of the Nazi dictator of the same name.

He was played by Whitney Meek in his appearance in "Time Travel Heroes Stop Hitler".


In "Overdue Military Letters", Jeremy Warner got a letter from Hitler, thanking him for sparing his life, while he was on his route to Berlin. It was at this moment Jeremy realized he ran into Hitler and let him live, having mistaken him for Charlie Chaplin.

In the "Back to the Future Day" special episode, "Time Travel Heroes Stop Hitler", Jeremy traveled from the year 2015 to 1938 to kill Hitler and stop WWII before it happened. However, Doc Brown traveled from 1985 to stop him as well and discovered that he had already failed, given how someone from the future was also trying to kill him. This was followed by Bill S. Preston and Ted Theodore Logan traveling back in time to stop him too. They said that they previously tried to stop Hitler's parents from meeting, but found out that it was actually because of them, that they met to begin with. Doctor Who came in too, not to stop Hitler, but to sue Bill and Ted for copyright infringement and then immediately leave. Hermione Granger accidentally transported in too after taking too many turns. Hitler finally came in and Bill and Ted noted how strangely curvaceous he was, leaning on the fourth wall in reference to him being played by a woman. Jeremy held Hitler at gunpoint, making him exclaim "Bratwurst!" in fear. Jeremy was afraid to shoot him but Doc demanded that he stop stalling and just shoot him already. Hermione used her magic wand to kill Hitler, herself. Hitler died as he exclaimed "Volkswagen!" Right after Hitler died, Spock beamed in with the intent of killing Hitler, only to find out that the deed was already done and transported away.

In "The Greatest Spy Ever?", in 1939, a Nazi Commander gathered together a meeting in a German headquarters to discuss the possibility of a spy from the Allied Forced hiding among them. The obviously British spy, Greta, did a horrible job at pretending to be German. One of the things she said was that "The prime minister (Churchill) is too much of a nancy to diddle with my bruver, Hitler." Aside from this mention in dialogue, Hitler did not actually appear in the skit but photographs of the real Hitler were present in the background and of course, it was obvious that Hitler was a major influence on the setting of this scene.


Adolf Hitler is played by Whitney Meek, who dons a third Reich visor cap, a brownish tan jacket with a swastika armband, and an false toothbrush mustache.


Adolf Hitler is a hegemonic, genocidal, brutal dictator, who leads Germany through WWII. Whenever he's on screen, Hitler is depicted in an unflattering manner, being a buffoonish, nonsensical lunatic, who only speaks in random German words, such as "Volkswagen" and "Bratwurst", which, of course, do not translate to actual sentences. That he's portrayed by a woman could also be a subtle jab at his character, suggesting that Hitler is effeminate and epicene. He is a very cowardly and defenseless man, who bodes poorly when threatened, being unable to protect himself from enemies. In "Time Travel Heroes Stop Hitler", Hitler had a gun pointed at him and all he did was put his hands up in horror, demonstrating his vulnerability and standing around doing nothing for a long time, until he was inevitably shot dead. In "Overdue Military Letters", a letter from Hitler to Jeremy mentioned that he was pinned down by the latter in war and failed to fight back, escape, or even defend himself and made it clear that if not for Jeremy stupidly letting him go, this one bozo alone would have led to Hitler's ultimate and underwhelming demise.