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Adolf Hitler is an antagonist in the CW series Supernatural. He is portrayed in the season 12 episode by Gil Darnell.


Season 8

Hitler, or at least his influence, appeared in the season 8 episode Everybody Hates Hitler where the Thule Society got introduced. The Judah Initiative of Rabbis had made a Golem which attacked the Thules. Only the Commandant escaped and fled to modern times, hunting down the survivors of the Judah Initiative.

Hitler's ideologies were summed up by Dean as "Bloody Nazis."

Role in the series

Adolf Hitler was the ruler of Nazi Germany and inspired fear amongst his allies and enemies. He was leader from 1939-1945, and he rose to almost having world domination. He was a powerful leader and speaker, but ruthless and cruel, as he liked torturing and killing his own allies as well as enemies.

In 1945, as the Soviets moved in to end the Nazi regime, Hitler's wife Eva Braun committed suicide by biting into a cyanide pill. Hitler was about to follow suit but his commander, Commandant Nauhaus, said he knew of a way to preserve Hitler's soul. Hitler shot himself as per the ritual, but Commandant Nauhaus saved Hitler's soul by transferring it to a pocket watch.

Imprisoned in the watch for about a century, Hitler's mind deteriorated and he became completely insane.


The Nazi leader was resurrected in 2016 by the Thule Society, who had prepared for his return. They kidnapped Ellie Grant, Hitler's great-great grand-niece, and prepared to have Hitler's soul possess Commandant Nauhaus.

The Thules prepared the ritual named "Das Blut" where Hitler's soul was transferred to Nauhaus' body and Ellie's blood was used in the ritual. Upon his release, Hitler was mentally unstable, and ordered Ellie torn up and thrown to dogs, regardless of the fact she was his distant relative. However, the Thules didn't have any dogs.

Hitler then got enraged and attacked Dean Winchester but Dean overpowered him and humorously had Hitler begging for mercy on the floor but Dean humorously said "Heil this!" and shot Hitler in the head. He then said how ironic it was he killed Hitler, because no one will believe his story if Dean tells them.

Behind the scenes

  • Hitler's speeches were used by Crowley to teach the Darkness about God's world, and Crowley used Hitler's ideologies to hopefully raise the Darkness as an evil force. He half-succeeded.
  • Ironically, in teaching the Darkness this about God's world, Crowley was straying far from God as he could.


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