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Sagat, you're through! Your Muay Thai is old and useless. If you try me again... I'll crush you!
~ Adon to his former master, Sagat.
Like the mighty jaguar, I grow more powerful with each victory!
~ Adon
I felt your ribs and spine snap! I'm sorry I left you alive!
~ Adon

Adon is a recurring antagonist in the Street Fighter video game series, appearing as the secondary antagonist of the original Street Fighter game and a supporting antagonist in the Street Fighter Alpha series and Street Fighter IV. He is a Muay Thai fighter and Sagat's former pupil.


Adon was a skilled and arrogant fighter who trained under the King of Muay Thai and Champion Sagat. Even though Sagat was his master, Adon wanted to surpass him and take his place as the the new King of Muay Thai. Adon joined the tournament hosted by Sagat, but lost to a mysterious warrior named Ryu who then also defeated Sagat himself using his Satsui no Hadou.

After Sagat's loss to Ryu, Adon had no more respect for his former master and distanced himself from him, believing that his Muay Thai is old and weak. A few months later Adon challenged Sagat (who still hadn't recovered from his fight with Ryu) to a fight in order to prove that he is the superior fighter and the true King of Muay Thai. After a hard fight Adon managed to win, although he suffered many injuries himself. Some time later he was about to fight another Muay Thai fighter, who was killed by a mysterious warrior known as Akuma. Despite, not knowing his name Adon understood who he was and was interested in fighting him so he tried to find him.

In the following years, Adon faced other strong warriors such as Ken and Rose (who tried to turn him to the good side but to no avail), as well as the Shadaloo boss M. Bison who was interested in his skills and wanted to recruit him. Adon was not interested in Bison's offers and praises so he challenged him to a fight but lost to him. However, as Bison was about to kill Adon, Akuma appeared and attacked Bison with his famous Shun Goku Satsu defeating him. Adon then confirmed Akuma's identity and Akuma left with Adon once again wanting to find him in order to learn his technique and perfect his own style.

Other Media

Adon made a small cameo appearance in the 1995 US Street Fighter cartoon series and appeared as a minor character in the 2000 movie Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation.


Adon is boastful, arrogant and often disrespectful fellow, even though he despises boastful guys with big mouths like him. Even though Adon is technically a neutral character he has done some villainous acts because of his personality and his aggressive fighting style. Even though he rejected Shadaloo, unlike his master Sagat, he is nowhere as honorable and respectful as him.



  • Sagat
  • Ryu
  • M. Bison
  • Akuma
  • Ken
  • Rose
  • Dee Jay


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