I, Adon, leader of the Mighty Blue Whale Ultra Heavy Armored Fierce Assault Annihilation Corps., shall punish you!
~ Adon Coborlwitz about to engage Casca in battle.

Adon Coborlwitz is a minor villain in Kentaro Miura's anime and manga, Berserk. He is the commander of the Chuder Empire's Mighty Blue Whale Ultra Heavy Armored Fierce Assault Annihilation Corps.

He's voiced by Mike Pollock (in the English dub), who also voiced Doctor Eggman from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.


On a darkened battlefield, Adon first appears whilst fighting Casca, telling her women should not be allowed on the battlefield. He provokes Casca by thinking she's prostituting herself in the Band of the Hawk. He hits her on the head and offers her to be his prisoner, but she rejects him and tries to kill her, but Guts blocks him and fights the Chuder general. He nearly finishes Guts with his best technique, Rock-cutting Whirlwind, a 140-year-old technique from his clan. However, Guts injures Adon badly, but Casca loses consciousness and falls resulting in Adon gaining the upper hand to shoot Guts with a crossbow.

The bandaged Adon then brings mercenaries to hunt down Guts and Casca and capture them. Guts quips that anyone who lays their hands on his companion would lose their body parts. With his men being overwhelmed, Adon sends his brother, Samson out, but his brother is killed by the black-haired swordsman. When the Band of the Hawk arrives, Adon is forced to retreat.

At Doldrey, Boscogn demotes Adon for his failure, then later, Adon spots Casca sneaking into the castle. Donning shark-themed armor, Adon fights against Casca, but the female sword fighter this time turns the fight around. Adon seemed to have trouble blocking her attacks but shoots her with his crossbow. With the arrow's toxin making Casca delirious, but even when cornered, Casca vaults over Adon, and cuts his face open, killing him.

In the 1997 anime, his role is extended. We first see him holding a charge over a fort that he is soon forced to blow up to prevent from falling into the Band of the Hawk's hands. He then holds command on a garrison hoping to breach Midland. But once the Band of the Hawk fools him, Adon flees to Chunder territory. As for his death here, Casca cuts him above the nose and he bleeds out.

In the Golden Ages films, Adon is pierced through the mouth by Casca who turned his own sword on him.


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