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Eric Cameron, also known as Adonis, is a Marvel supervillain and an enemy of Captain America.


Eric Cameron started Cameron Electronics in his youth, dedicating his life to it and building it into a successful company. However, as he got bigger, he succumbed to an unnamed debilitating disease which necessitated progressively more advanced medical care. Eventually he was required to stay on life support, and he was required to use more and more of the equipment at Cameron Electronics to keep him alive.

Learning of the existence of SHIELD Life Model Decoys (LMDs), Cameron decided that he could regain his youth, and even become immortal by transferring his mind into one of them. To this end, a group of his agents, under direction of Eric's son, Brady, stole the SHIELD Master Matrix, from which LMDs were created. Captain America seemingly failed to stop the theft of the Matrix, but actually let them steal it so he could follow them back to their leader. Despite Captain America's invasion of his plant, Eric Cameron proceeded with the original plan. He had a young, strong, and handsome LMD made, and then had his scientists transfer his own brain into that body. However, Brady, desiring to take over his father's company and gain his inheritance, sabotaged the equipment to cause an overload in an effort to kill his father and destroy the LMD. Captain America arrived too late to stop the procedure or the sabotage, and after an explosion, Cameron emerged in the form of a hideously deformed monstrosity.

Ironically referred to as Adonis, Cameron was enraged by his new form. Recognizing Brady as the culprit, Cameron attempted to slay him. Captain America got Brady to safety, but Adonis managed to escape, making his way to a wooded area where he could avoid capture. Increasingly enraged and mentally unbalanced by his appearance and transformation, Adonis then caught a ride on a delivery truck into Manhattan, where he began to attack and attempt to destroy anything of beauty.

Captain America soon learned of his rampage and stopped him before he could kill an innocent woman. Adonis fled to a construction site, where, in battle with Cap, was stuck in a damaged bulldozer, which rolled into a lake and electrocuted him, killing him instantly.


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