The Adorians are hostile alien species in the videogame Men In Black: Alien Crisis.


Adorians are humanoid alien creatures. The small Adorians are humanoid just like normal humans, but with fish-like ears and two squid-like tentalcles on their faces. They are much stronger than humans, but less intelligent.

The medium Adorians (unlike the small Adorians) are much bigger than the size of a human. They have an eye on each shoulder, four eyes, a mole's head, feet like a dinosaur, and three fingers. The Adorian Elite is the largest and rarest unlike other Adorians. He has bigger shoulders with an eye each and four golden eyes.



Adorian Elite
The Adorian Elite (aka Elite Guard) is a mid-boss character in the video game, and is the largest and rarest of the Adorians. The Adorian Elite is the largest and rarest Adorian. He has huge shoulders with an eye for each shoulder, and has four golden eyes. He can even jump at a single bound.


While Agent P was exiting a parking lot (that was before he became an agent at the MIB headquarters), the Adorian Elite attacked him. Agent P fought the Adorian Elite in the streets, and defeated him before he met Agent C and took him to MIB headquarters.


  • Although said to be dimwitted, next-generation Adorians possess enough intelligence to operate firearms and vehicles.


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