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Adram Blacksword is one of the main antagonist in Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm, Dogwoggle’s campaign. He was the eldest of the three Blacksword brothers, a knight who ruled a small kingdom.


Adram and his two brothers, Carsas and Pratlan, ruled over three kingdoms. Adram was the oldest, yet he had the smallest kingdom. He was a pretty bad king, for he loved to hunt barbarians and harpies, but he mismanaged the country. He made a magical relic, the Frost Hammer, which became his own weapon. One day, however, a hero named Dogwoggle arrived who with four other heroes wanted to stop the evil and crazy wizard Hexis. He had to get pieces of the Tiger Armor, but these were in the possession of the three brothers. When Adram found out what the hero wanted he incited the barbarians against him, but they were defeated. He then ordered his captain to defeat the barbarian hero, but he and his army lost. Dogwoggle invaded the area and occupied Adram's two towns. The king fled to a cave. The population was sincerely glad that they had finally got rid of him. In the cave, Adram provoked Dogwoggle and eventually the battle began. In a duel, the barbarian defeated the crazy knight and took the Frost Hammer.


"Bring it on, Dog Waggle!"
~ Adram provoke Dogwoggle.

Adram Blacksword was a conceited, provocative, haughty person. He loved to fight and kill, but was disrespectful and mocking his enemies. However, because of his personality, he was a bad king, the population hated him and they were very happy when he fled.

Powers and Abillites

Adram Blacksword was a strong, experienced warrior and warlord. He was a good archer and melee fighter. He was even stronger because of two magical artifact. One was a magic ring that increased his protection from injuries. The second is the Frost Hammer, which if it hits the opponent it freezes him.


  • If the player attacks Adram's army without Dogwoggle, he will ambush the player's army with fifty black dragons.