Adrenazon is a villain who appeared in She-Hulk and by extension was one of the many supervillains of Marvel comics.


Michael Lynn was driving the car that killed two innocent by-standers and his own son, as well as crippling his wife Adrian. Jennifer Walters, the She-Hulk, was the prosecuting attorney against Michael Lynn, and accused him of Driving While Intoxicated. Michael was convicted on three counts of manslaughter, and subsequently committed suicide while in prison.

Adrian Lynn, having lost her family as well as the use of her legs, became a resident patient at Bellvue. While there, she met Dr. Stopplemoor, a research scientist in the paralytic department, who had developed a formula which would theoretically cure paralysis. The formula increased the activity of the adrenal glands, increasing the flow of epinephrine, causing it to seek out the local area of paralysis and correct it completely. The formula was a success, allowing Adrian to stand, but the effects only lasted 30 minutes, after which she reverted to being paralyzed.

Realizing that the larger the dose, the more potent the adrenaline flow, Adrian stole the remaining vials of the formula and eventually was taking enough to grant her superhuman strength. Believing that Walters had framed her husband and caused her to lose her entire life, she set out to take hers. Using a wig and green body make-up she impersonated the She-Hulk. Stopplemoor discovered her plans and became her first victim, in front of witnesses at Bellvue. Adrian then called Walters, told her that her friend, Louise Mason was injured and was at Bellvue, where the police attempted to arrest her.

She-Hulk escaped and began to investigate Stopplemoor to learn who would kill him. She was joined in the investigation by another vigilante, Nosferata. Adrian, as the Adrenazon continued her effort to frame Walters, and eventually succeeded in knocking her out and leaving her for the police. Walters was imprisoned in the Tombs, meanwhile, Adrian attempted to take over Walters life. The differences were clearly obvious, and Adrian terrorized Louise Mason into pretending that she really was Walters.

Nosferata infiltrated Tombs prison and freed Jen. the two arrived at Jen's apartment in time to save Louise from the now violently unstable Adrenazon. Too evenly matched to battle without destroying her apartment and possibly injuring others, Jen tried to reason with, and when that failed, to outwit the Adrenazon. Adrian used an earthmover to try to run down Jen, but suddenly saw an image of the people her husband had killed, causing her to swerve and crash. The shock brought her back to her senses and she admitted her husband's guilt and apologized. When police arrived and tried to arrest the real She-Hulk, Adrian took the blast meant for her. Fortunately, she survived and retired her Adrenazon identity, coming to terms with the loss of her family.



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