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I will change the world with you, Anne!
~ Adrian's message to Anne Hathaway.

Adrian Țofei is the villainous main protagonist villain of the 2015 found-footage horror film Be My Cat: A Film For Anne. He is an aspiring Romanian filmmaker who tries to convince American actress Anne Hathaway to star alongside himself in his upcoming project by filming twisted demo tapes with various local actresses to be sent to her.

He was portrayed by the actor of the same name.


Adrian, who is an aspiring Romanian filmmaker and actor obsessed with Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway tries to convince her to come to Romania and star alongside him in his upcoming film. He goes to shocking extremes using three local actresses to shoot demo scenes to send to Anne as proof of his filmmaking and acting skills.

Adrian explains that the film he is making is not, in reality, Be My Cat. Be My Cat is a film he has written so Anne Hathaway can play the leading role. He states that his interest in Anne and making this film came from her portrayal of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, citing a love for cats.

The first actress that he uses as an example of his directorial style is a girl named Sonia, whose parents drop her off with Adrian at an abandoned house down the street from where he stays with his mother. Adrian begins shooting a scene with Sonia that doubles as a frustrating acting exercise. It becomes clear that Be My Cat is about a stalker obsessed with an actress, and the lines start to blur between Adrian as director and Adrian as the character. Increasingly frustrated and frightened, Sonia calls the police. After talking with her, Adrian explains to the police that it was a misunderstanding and convinces Sonia to shoot another scene at night. In the night scene the stalker uses chloroform to abduct the actress. In the second take, Adrian uses real chloroform and knocks Sonia out.

After taking her to his bedroom Adrian procures a cat suit. Before undressing her and putting the cat suit on her, Adrian explains to the camera (now personified as "Anne") that he would never do this in real life, and that it is only him in character. He also states that he is worthy of Anne in every way, betraying that his intentions for Anne may be more than artistic. Adrian stays the night beside the knocked out Sonia. When she wakes up frightened he insists that she must be sacrificed for her art. He chokes Sonia to death and hides her body in the basement.

While going to meet the second actress Adrian explains that he was bullied in the past, and due to this he dislikes boys and dogs for their meanness and likes girls and cats due to their sweetness and innocence. He also explains that the character in his film seeks to turn the actress character into a surrogate of his cat that he accidentally killed, and that this is based on how he accidentally killed his cat as a child. He ironically chances upon a dead cat on the side of the road.

Upon meeting the second actress Flori, Adrian is disappointed, as she had sent him pictures of herself when she was younger. Displeased with her age and weight, Adrian berates her. Flori offers him sexual favors in exchange to let her be in the movie, which disgusts Adrian. He tells Anne that he will not accept.

In the next scene Adrian has apparently allowed Flori to stay as they pick up the third actress, a young girl name Alexandra. Adrian asks Alexandra to wait upstairs and he performs surgery on Flori with a kitchen knife in the basement. Two neighbors come and investigate when they hear Flori's screams but Adrian assures them that they are filming a horror movie. Later that night Adrian returns with a cat suit, having surgically thinned Flori, intending for her to wear it and be transformed. He is surprised to find her dead from blood loss. He acknowledges and enjoys that he has completely disappeared into his character and therefore can send Alexandra home, already having proved his abilities to Anne.

While Adrian is retrieving trash bags, Alexandra comes downstairs and finds Flori's body. Adrian finds himself faced with a dilemma, not wanting to kill Alexandra but knowing she will turn him in. She tries to talk him out of killing her and briefly tries to escape. Realizing she cannot escape, she continues to reason with Adrian. Adrian finds himself somewhat attracted to Alexandra due to her resemblance to Anne Hathaway, but tells Anne not to be jealous and that he only loves her. Alexandra uses this and tells him that he needs to go to Anne. Adrian says he cannot due to his fear of leaving his hometown. Alexandra says that to win her he must face his fear and go to her. She excites Adrian with the ideas of marrying and having children with Anne Hathaway. He decides that she is right and agrees to let her live, on the condition that she will wait in the basement and give him thirty minutes to escape and leave for Hollywood. Alexandra wishes him luck as he decides that he does not need to make a movie after all, since the movie was just a means to be with Anne. Overjoyed, he turns off the camera, leaving his and Alexandra's fates ambiguous.



  • Director Adrian Tofei told actress Sonia Teudurlo to respect the indications that his character in the movie was going to give to her character during improvisations. So, when he asked her to reject him, she unexpectedly called the police for real while playing her role in one of the scenes. One of the policemen who came understood and said that "the emotions in her role became so real that she genuinely felt the need to make the call". The moments were caught on camera and some of them are in the movie.
  • Despite being a film, Adrian Tofei spent five years preparing for it and going as far as to never break character when interacting with his actresses until filming finally wrapped.