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Adrian is the main antagonist of the Inside No. 9 episode "To Have & To Hold". He is the ex-husband of Harriet who he gradually began drifting apart from until their marriage essentially became loveless. Unbeknownst to Harriet for most of their time together however this was due to Adrian keeping a secret sex slave named Agnes hidden in their basement due to a lack of satisfaction from his own marriage.

He was portrayed by Steve Pemberton who also played Eddie, Migg, Graham, Professor Squires, Keith, Galen, The Doctor, Spencer Maguire, Stan, The Lift Attendent, Mr. Edwards, Ezra and Bob from the same series as well as Tubbs Tattsyrup, Pauline Campbell-Jones, Harvey Denton, Herr Lipp, Pop and Lemuel in The League of Gentlemen, David Sowerbutts, Hattie and Dr. Friedrich Ehrlichmann in Psychoville and one third of the Vogons in The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy film adaptation.


Adrian was a wedding photographer and had been long married to his wife Harriet by the time of the episode's events. Ironically enough however in spite of his career involving keeping married couples happy his own marriage was loveless and dire much to the dismay of Harriet who Adrian was growing steadily weary and annoyed by. Sometime during their marriage Adrian had kidnapped their former housekeeper Agnes and locked her away in the basement as his own personal sex slave, to cover his tracks he lied to Harriet and told her that Agnes had simply moved away.

Adrian managed to keep this a secret for a very long time, at least five years given the age of he and Agnes' son who was also kept locked away in the basement, he kept Agnes alive and well by regularly feeding her Pot Noodles, once again covering his tracks to his wife who instead thought he just had a weird fascination with the food. Eventually however Adrian did get caught when in an attempt to revive their marriage Harriet bought him surprise holiday tickets, in a panic this caused Adrian, struggling to scramble for a solution to keep Agnes and her son fed while he was gone and in the end decided to throw himself down the stairs to delay the trip.

Harriet rushed to help Adrian however realised the truth behind his activities and was horrified. She set Agnes and her son free and locked Adrian in the basement instead as punishment for what he did to her. In the present day Agnes and her son are still recovering from the trauma of their situation and live with Harriet still. Adrian meanwhile is still locked in the basement and is regularly fed pot noodles with his circumstances seeming to drive him to madness.


Adrian was a cold, apathetic and uncaring man who although able to hide his most monstrous traits and behaviours from the world wasn't even a particularly pleasant man at the best of times although did appear on the surface to have good qualities. He enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles and seemed relatively happy with his job and life however he was secretly incredibly unsatisfied and apathetic towards his marriage and eventually went so far as to kidnap his own housekeeper and keep her as a sex slave with no remorse even bearing a child with the latter and keeping him locked away too. Following the episode's events when he is subjected to to punishment he granted Agnes minus the sexual slavery he appears to have lost his mind from isolation.


Adrian was a handsome, tall and well-built middle-aged man with receding silver hair and striking blue eyes. He wore fairly casual and unremarkable clothing and regularly wore glasses while working or trying to solve his jigsaw puzzles.


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