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Didn't your mother ever tell you not to take things from strangers?
~ Adrian to Madison after she is knocked out with the wine he gave her.

Adrian Baker, also known as Doctor Death, is a minor antagonist in the video game Heavy Rain, serving as the main antagonist of the chapter, "The Doc". He is a former doctor who Madison Paige goes to ask information about the Origami Killer, only to be revealed that he is a murderer and attempts to kill Madison.

He was voiced by Christian Erickson.



Baker was a former surgeon who lost his medical license due to selling drugs, which caused him to be in prison for 6 months, and now makes money by selling prescription drugs. He legally owned the apartment at which the Lizard Trial (the third trial Ethan Mars faced) took place, but he rented that apartment to Paco Mendez, the owner of the Blue Lagoon strip club, who rented it out to the Origami Killer. His ownership of this apartment is what caused Madison Paige to visit him to get information about him.

The Doc

When Madison arrives at his house, she claims to be visiting to buy "Betropen," a fictional drug that he has. Baker allows her in, and offers her a glass of wine. If she drinks the wine, she will be knocked out. If not, whilst Baker is looking for Betropen, Madison will have to search for evidence. If she goes into Baker's bedroom, she can find a card for the Blue Lagoon. After taking the card, she will be able to leave. If she walks too far down the hallway or stays in the house too long, Baker will knock her out with a baseball bat.

If she was knocked out, Madison awakens to find that she is tied to an operating table in the basement of Baker's house. Here, he reveals his true nature as a psychotic and horrible man. He has a set of tools (a hammer, various heavy objects, and a drill) that he plans to use to torture and kill Madison, during this he will tell Madison that his friend Paco gave him the Blue Lagoon card, but he says that he doesn't care as long as he pays his rent. When he was about to murder Madison with a drill, a person soliciting Bibles rings at his house, only for Baker to tell him to go away - Madison can use this as an opportunity to escape.

If Madison doesn't escape, she will be helpless as Baker kills her. If she escapes, she and Baker will have a fight that will end with one of them killing the other with a circular saw, bandsaw, or drill. If he survives, Baker plays no further role in the game, meaning he could still find more victims to kill and torture them. If Madison nearly wins, Baker will try to have sex with what he thinks is a dead Madison before she kills him.

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