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Adrian "Noel" Doorbal is the deuteragonist of the 2013 black comedy film Pain & Gain, He is based on the real life criminal of the same name. Adrian is the sidekick of Daniel Lugo and part of the Sun Gym Gang, a gang that kidnapped, tortured and killed rich people just to take their money and become rich.

He was portrayed by Anthony Mackie, who also portrayed Papa Doc in 8 Mile.


Adrian Doorbal was one of the many bodybuilders that would go to the Sun Gym in Miami. He would take steroids just to make himself bigger than he can get from just working out regularly, due to all of the steroid use Adrian can't get a boner so he goes to a local doctor, there he falls for the nurse named Robin Peck. He was then recruited along with Paul Doyle by Daniel Lugo, his best friend who works as an instructor at the Sun Gym. This "Sun Gym gang" unsuccessfully attempts to kidnap Kershaw at home, and a second time in public, but later incapacitates him with a taser outside his deli and takes him to a small warehouse he owns (which is stocked with sex toys). The scheme goes as planned otherwise: Kershaw makes calls, under duress, to provide false explanations for his disappearance, gets his family to move out of state, and signs the documents that transfer his assets to Lugo, Adrian even takes Kershaw's dog. The Sun Gym gang is able to collect Kershaw's money and assets, but they realize releasing him is a bad idea. Therefore, Lugo concocts a plan to kill Kershaw by forcing him to drink liquor and crash his BMW, making it appear like a drunk driving accident. When Kershaw survives the crash, the gang burns the car with Kershaw in it. Kershaw escapes the blazing vehicle, so the gang runs over his body, twice, and leave him for dead. Unbeknownst to them, Kershaw survives and is hospitalized. The Sun Gym gang members spoil themselves with Kershaw's riches. Doorbal marries Robin, and uses his cut to purchase penile erection treatments. The Sun Gym then target Frank Griga after Doyle spends his cut. After a promising discussion at Griga's mansion, the gang invites Griga and his wife Krisztina Furton to Doorbal's home to propose an investment scheme. Griga insists on meeting with someone more senior and questions Lugo's amateurish business savvy. This angers Lugo, who attacks Griga and accidentally kills him. Krisztina discovers this and tries to shoot Lugo, but Doorbal injects her with a potent horse tranquilizer. While Lugo and Doyle try to use the combination obtained from a heavily sedated Krisztina to open a safe at her and Griga's home, but the combination does not work. When Krisztina rouses and tries to escape, Doorbal gives her a second injection, accidentally causing her to fatally overdose. Lugo and Doorbal purchase equipment to dismember and dispose of the bodies and dump the parts in oil drums (which they sink in a secluded swamp outside Miami). On June 17th, the police arrest Doorbal at home. Doorbal is then brought back to the United States and stands trial with Lugo, Doyle and Mese.  At the trial, Doyle rolls over on Doorbal and Lugo with a full confession, and meanwhile Robin has divorced Doorbal the night before and testifies against him. Ultimately, the four are convicted. Adrian Doorbal was sentenced to death.   



  • The real Adrian Doorbal is still on death row to this day. 
  • Anthony Mackie put on 17 pounds of muscle for the role, and bulked up to 213 pounds. He had only three weeks to train before filming began.
  • The real Doorbal was also more insane while Mackie's was more comedic.
  • In the film Doorbal is portrayed as African-American while in real ife he was a native of Trinidad.
  • In the film Doorbal leaves Robin oblivious to the crimes while in real life his wife actually helped scrub the blood off of the walls.
  • When Doorbal and Lugo get their death sentences It is Doorbal that has the surprised face while Lugo seemed to not think about it. In real life Lugo had tears go down his face while Doorbal just smiled.