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Adrian Graye Vernworth is a supporting antagonist in Disney Channel series The Owl House.

He is the eccentric and charismatic head witch of the Illusion Coven, who serves Emperor Belos and aids in his plots.

He is voiced by Noshir Dalal.


Season 1

Adrian made a small cameo in the Season 1 episode "The First Day," being depicted in a banner that was showcased alongside the other coven heads.

Season 2

He debuts in "Hunting Palisman", albeit in a non-speaking appearance, as he was summoned with rest of the coven heads to Belos' private meeting, where they witnessed the Day of Unity.

In "Eda's Requiem", he was present during the induction of Raine Whispers as the new head witch of the Bard Coven.

In "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", Adrian is seen showcasing Emperor Belos' speech about the Day of Unity in Latissa.

In "Any Sport in a Storm", Adrian and the other coven heads were originally scheduled for a meeting held by Hunter, but all decided to reschedule for a different time and left the throne room just as Hunter came in to tell them.

Adrian made an official debut in "Labyrinth Runners" as he was sent by the Emperor to make Hexside students join the covens due to the Day of Unity approaching faster. Originally, he sent his captain to pose as him so he could trick the students into obtaining sigils. However, illusion track student Gus Porter discovered his lie (due to the coven scouts' fallout). He then decides to punish Gus by branding him with the Abomination sigil so he could not cause anymore harm. Gus' stress causes a huge illusion, made from Gus' memories. Impressed, Adrian orders coven guards to capture Gus. Despite Hunter's help (who was hiding there from Emperor's Coven, following his misadventures in Belos' mind), Adrian captures Gus. Adrian then tortures Gus to learn where's the Looking Glass Graveyard, because he wants to bring Galderstones to the Emperor. However, Gus not only averts his illusion, but also causes Adrian and his guards to be demobilized. After the defeat of the coven scouts, they retreated and had to drag a semi-catatonic Adrian to their airship.

Later in "King's Tide", he appears along with the other Coven Heads to prepare for the Day of Unity. Before Eda took Raine's place to stop the draining spell, they inform her that Belos promised to make the coven heads royalty in the "new world." Only Raine, Darius, and Eberwolf knew he was lying, while the others coven heads, including Graye, bought into it. When he stands next to another Coven Head, Raine Whispers, he remarks for them not remark his appearance because he wasn't taking any "notes" at the time. Raine remains silent, since, they're actually Eda Clawthorne in disguise and she couldn't risk to blow her cover. In this episode, he looks rather frazzled and tired, probably a lack of sleep after what happened with Gus Porter back at Hexside. Later in the episode, Adrian breaks Eda's disguise with a spell circle and that leads to a huge fight between the Coven Heads. Finally, once the Draining Spell is fully activated, the last shot he's in is when he's on the ground, unable to move due to the magic and life being taken out of him. What happens to him after the Day of Unity was stopped is unknown.


Adrian appeared as an eccentric and arrogant witch, usually seen scolding his henchmen for simple mistakes (although, these mistakes are the cause of his failures). He is also failure-intolerant, as he was enraged that Gus saw through his deception and blew his cover. He then tried to brand Gus with an Abomination Coven sigil to take away his illusion power just to spite him, showing just how cruel he can be. Despite this, he is also highly loyal to Emperor Belos and will do anything to bring forth the Day of Unity.


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