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Adrian Malprave is the main antagonist in the 007 video game Agent Under Fire published by Electronic Arts.

She was voiced by Corina Harmon (credited as Corine Harmin).


Malprave is the owner and CEO of a multinational conglomerate called Malprave Industries based in Switzerland.

She had built her company, 25 years prior to the events of Agent Under Fire, into a corporate empire that expanded intentionally involving oil, shipping and emerging fields such as biotechnology. Her company had come to the attention of MI6 when she was photographed with a dangerous criminal figure and terrorist, Clara The Jackal, whom she later hired as a henchwoman. In addition, investigations found that her subsidiaries had absolutely no corporate function or income. Obsessed with generic engineering, she had used several of her subsidiaries as fronts for cloning. She had devised a kidnapping scheme of the top eight world leaders and replacing them with genetically controlled clones during a G8 summit aboard the British carrier, HMS Excalibur.

When Bond covertly infiltrates into the British Embassy in Romania on a mission to find out what Reginald Griffin is up to, Bond opens the door to Malprave's room to retrieve the key card whilst getting dressed. Once changed and Bond grabs the key generator from the room's table, she turns around and tells Bond that "these are private quarters". Bond instinctively replies that he is part of the new security team and that he took a wrong turn. She proceeds to show Bond out of her quarters.

Bond, posed as Mr. Summerset, was supposed to interview Malprave, but it was delayed. Malprave can be heard on the base's intercoms when ordering the base doors to be sealed due to Bond's presence and ordering her strongest henchmen to eliminate him before he reaches his escape on the tram line.

After Dr. Natalya Damescu resigned and escaped from her position as Malprave's top scientist and later took refuge at the British Embassy in Romania, Malprave had orchestrated her kidnapping by sending in her Hench woman, Clara The Jackal to storm the embassy.

Henchmen and Associates

Name Position Status
Nigel Bloc CEO of Identicon Deceased
Dr. Natalya Damescu Top Scientist Unknown; resigned
Bella and Bebe Personal Assistants Unknown; presumably deceased
Clara The Jackal Hench woman Deceased

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