Adriana Gorgova

Adriana Gorgova

Adriana Gorgova is an antagonist from "Defiance", episode 8.15 of NCIS.

She was portrayed by Elena Satine.


Adriana Gorgova is a doctoral student and the daughter of Andor Gorgova, the Defense Minister of the fictional nation of Belgravia. Andor was set on signing a treaty that would establish a US forward base in Belgravia, but Adriana (who disliked her father's politics) was set on preventing the treaty. After nearly being killed by a suicide bomber, Andor placed Adriana under NCIS protection, much to her protests. She was guarded by Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David, and Timothy McGee; all the while, Adriana appeared to be smitten with McGee to the point where she would flirt with him. However, the flirting was part of Adriana's plan to stage her own kidnapping to delay (and even prevent) the signing of the treaty.

The scheming villainess lured McGee to the bathroom of her home under the pretense that one of the lights was broken, doing so after she phoned her co-conspirator named Carl Fleming to go through with the plan. Adriana was "abducted" while McGee was checking on the light, and as part of the plan, a ransom was demanded, with the threat to kill Adriana if the treaty was signed. During NCIS' investigation, DiNozzo revealed that the lights were fine, and he later found a cell phone in the toilet; the phone Adriana used to contact her co-conspirators.

The evidence revealed that the kidnapping was staged, but the plan went sideways when another conspirator named Judd Stern shot and killed Fleming and planned to take the ransom. Adriana was later saved from Stern, after which she confessed to the plot. Therefore, she stated that her sole plan was to prevent the treaty. In a twist, the villainous Adriana avoided arrest for her crime, as after Ziva was astonished to learn that Adriana was with her father at the signing of the treaty, Leroy Gibbs revealed that Adriana's diplomatic immunity prevented charges from being filed.

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