The Adults Against Funny Cartoons Chairperson (or the AAFC Chairperson for short) is a minor antagonist on Tiny Toon Adventures.

The Anvil Chorus

The AAFC Chairperson first appears briefly in the It's Buster Bunny Time episode segment, The Anvil Chorus, to complain about the violence in the cartoon, only to get flattened by one of the many anvils that Plucky is trying to avoid.


The AAFC chairperson returns in the Season 3 episode, Washingtoon, as the main antagonist. She uses a Toon Logic Extractor machine to steal everyone's tooniness. This becomes evident when The Wolverine becomes sensitive to pain and Calamity is knocked out by one banana peel. She demonstrates the machine on Gogo Dodo, who becomes a slideshow presentator. Her plan is to rid Acme Acres of cartoon violence and make a new educational television show. Plucky, tired of the abuse he's taken over the years, teams up with her under the condition that he would be the star of the new series. Together, they drain all the tooniness from Acme Acres. As a result, Elmyra becomes a proper pet caretaker, Dizzy Devil becomes a health fanatic, and Hamton becomes a neat freak (not much was changed from him). Buster and Babs travel to Washington to speak to the Senate about cartoon characters' right to be funny, and the senate unanimously endorses their cause, rejecting the Chairwoman's crusade against cartoon violence. She takes out her anger by stealing Buster's tooniness. However, it is too strong and destroys the machine, returning everyone's tooniness (although not all of them to their proper bodies). Her tooniness, which had been lost many years ago, is returned as well and she goes to live with Gogo and his friends in Wackyland.

Class Without Class

The AAFC Chairperson appears briefly in the Best of Buster Day episode segment, Class Without Class. She once again complains about the violence in the cartoon and gets hit with a 16-ton safe. Although Washingtoon predates Class Without Class in both airing and production order, Class Without Class would have had to take place before the events of Washingtoon.

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