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It may be a bit early but...From the battlefield...Merry Christmas!
~ Advanced Yokai Binbogami's final words before his death.

Advancde Yokai Binbogami  is a Christmas Stocking-themed yokai that appeared in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger episode 40 as a Christmas villain, created from two Sealing Shuriken that came into contact with a Christmas stocking. His introductory credit also refers to him as "Spirit of Misfortune Binbogami".

He was voiced by Hiroshi Iwasaki.


Advanced Yokai Binbogami is first seen posing as the real Santa in the center of Tokyo, gathering up children for his plan, The Ninningers arrived (having been alerted to the presence of a Yokai by their gama gama guns but found nothing wrong until kasumi used her Yokai Finder Machine to find some jukkarage sneaking around behind "Santa." The Jukkerage spotted them and Yakumo led Kasumi into battle whilst the others had a confrontation with takaharu over his thickheadedness. With the Ninningers gone, Binbogami sat down next to a man and gave him an enchanted magical ring that would bring him wealth. masakage tsugomari revealed to mangetsu that he created Binbogami on a nearby rooftop as part of his "Early Christmas Plan" which was to manipulate the desires of humans and then take away that which they most desire to cause the affected people to experience the fear of loss.

He was later seen after Mangetsu ambushed Kinji and Kyuemon during thier battle, corrupting a woman with a ring but left when Takkaharu slew one of the Jukkarage in front of him. However,the ring was dropped before he could give it to her and Takaharu took it. A little later on, after Yakumo was slowed down by Kasumi and her Yokai Finder Machine, he revealed his true form and took away everyone's desires (which included Takaharu) which gathered more fear for Gengetsu Kibaoni before taking away their wealth and making them more miserable which pleased Masakage. However, soon after that, the Yokai Finder Machine revealed that Binbogami was actually Santa so he decloaked himself from his false form and fled but the Ninningers went after him. He fled to the docks but was taken down by a metal pan from Takaharu's Shuriken Ninja Art: Metal Technique before they transformed and took on the Yokai.

Binbogami fired a blast from his staff but the Ninningers easily avoided it and Kinji and Takaharu battled him. Although he butted down Takaharu, he was thrown into the air by Kinji's Shuriken Ninpo; Hurricane Technique before being energy slashed in a variant of the Ninja Violent Slash involving the other four Ninningers. Takaharu tried his Fire Technique but that was reduced to a mere candle flame by the rings power although it lost it's effectiveness when he morphed into the chozetsu armor. Binbogami tried to stop it with an energy blast but it had no effect and he was cripplingly weakened by the Transcendent Strike before being taken out by the Transcendentally Mega Hot Dual Shuriken Strike which involved Kinji's Strongest ninja sword gekiasuto ninja.

Binbogami was grown into a giant by Masakage from the Kibaoni Hideout so the Ninningers formed Ha-oh shurikenjin. Binbogami deflected it's blasts broke it up using his Youkai Sorcery: Unfortunate Shakedown which consisted of rapidly stamping on the ground. The Ninningers realized that they were forced by his spell to only fight with their OtomoNin so they called upon paomaru, UFOmaru, and surfermaru. He tried to fight back but got destroyed by the Ninja Ally Attack (performed by the components of bison king and shurikenjin).

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