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A Nue fallen from a tree...!
~ Nue's final words before his death.

The Advanced Yokai Nue is a toolbox-themed Yokai and the first Advanced Yokai created from two Sealing Shuriken that Kibaoni himself imbued into a toolbox. His introductory credit calls his "Legendary Chimera Nue".

He is voiced by Masami Iwasaki who previously voiced Barukibaruki, Bazoogas and later voiced Hanayaida.


Nue was created by Masakage Tsugomori to attack the Ninningers where Nue destroyed Dumpmaru's summoning shuriken and both Taka and Nagi's Ichibantos. Once their gear is repaired, the Yokai is enlarged and makes quick work of King Shurikenjin, only to be stopped by Lion Ha-Oh. A while later Nue was at the Kibaoni Castle requesting more power from Masakage to which as he transformed Nue's left arm into a Toolbox claw.

A while later Nue appeared in the forest with an army of Jukkarage searching for the ninjas. Thankfully the team minus Takaharu showed up and battle the Jukkarage. Once the footsoldiers are destroyed they transformed and battle the Yokai. However with the new arsenal that Nue has the team are getting creamed by him. Thankfully Takaharu showed up and set Nue on fire. A while later Takaharu has equipped himself with a Power-Up Brace and has Nue on the ropes. After that the team chained Nue down as Kinji electrified Nue and then Takaharu destroyed Nue's arsenal and after Nue was defeated by this finisher called Transcendent Shuriken Strike.

However Kyuemon is close by as she'd used Yokai Sorcery to enlarge Nue which leaves Takaharu to bring out Sky OtomoNin Lion Ha-Oh to battle this Yokai. After that Nue was then destroyed by this finisher called Giant Shuriken Crush.

Nue was among ten Yokai who appeared alongside Kyuemon Izayoi and the Western Yokai Wolf Man to Kinji in his vision after he had transformed into reincarnation of the Wolf Man, all bearing his face. When Kinji overcame his fear and doubt, and thus his Yokai side, he used the Demon Sword Urasame to vanquish all the illusionary Yokai and return to the real world.

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