I'll let you do the honors. But, before you pull that trigger, I advise you to take a breath... clear your head... and see things from my perspective.
~ The Advocate mind controlling Susan into shooting herself.
Damn. Just when I was getting used to this place. Oh well, I suppose it's time for a little change...
~ The Advocate upon being briefed.

The Advocate is the main antagonist of the animated webseries The Last Lamia. He is a mechanically modified assassin working for Avatech who is tasked with carrying out Project Ashbound, which requires him to destroy all evidence of the previous Project Ascension, including killing everyone involved.

He is voiced by StormWolf.



Little is known about the Advocate's past, other than he was once in a situation where he was about to die, but was saved by Avatech. Dr. Theodore Erswick, the head of Project Ascension, rebuilt his body and provided hm with an electrically powered suit that he could use in his missions. The Advocate soon after made a contract with Avatech to become their personal assassin, carrying out any missions they asked him to (usually ones involving killing people).

The Advocate later aided Dr. Erswick in his experiments and watched as he captured the small rebel group consisting of Jason Alburn and his allies Xander, Lani, and Brec. Erswick's experiments killed Lani and Xander, but mutated Brec into a monster. The Advocate watched as the mutated Brec fought Jason, but when he began to regain his intelligence, the Advocate intervened and killed Brec by stabbing him through the head. Jason escaped and the Advocate chased him, but failed in capturing him.

The Last Lamia

Later, the Avatech Board summon the Advocate and explain that due to legal, financial, and leadership issues within the company, Avatech has decided to cut old, unsuccessful projects such as Project Ascension, but needed someone to get rid of all evidence and ties to it to ensure that its entire existance remains a mystery. The Advocate, under contract, agrees to the mission, called Project Ashbound, where he will destroy all research, data, and people connected to Project Ascension. This includes the island Monuriki that protagonists Jason Alburn and the last Lamia Amali are. Jason is explained to have been a problem for Avatech, and his termination becomes the Advocate's top priority.

The Advocate travels to the Avatech lab where all of the work on Project Ascension was done, proceeding to brutally massacre all of the scientists, soldiers, and workers in the building. He then forces a young scientist named Susan to transfer as much data to him as she can, including the locations of Dr. Erswick, Jason and Monuriki. When she is done, he hands her the gun just to mind control her for the satisfaction of watching her shoot herself. Afterwards, he burns the lab down.

The Advocate then travels to Cairo, Egypt where Dr. Erswick is researching the history of the Lamias. He kills the doctor's assistant, then tortures and interrogates Erswick by breaking his arm, demanding a copy of Project Ascension's data. Erswick retaliates with a glove that releases an electromagnetic pulse, disabling the Advocate's suit. However, the Advocate manages to restore power to his visor to distract Erswick long enough for his suit to come back, then proceeds to brutally murder the doctor by stabbing him before moving on, claiming Jason is next.


The Advocate is sadistic and deranged. Though he is technically under contract to commit his evil-doings, it is clear he enjoys his job and causing pain to others. He kills without remorse or hesitation, and despite mass murder being his job, he never seems to tire of it and always looks for new ways to use his abilities to make each mission special. He is shown to be cold and cruel, betraying those who saved him in the past without a second thought, and drawing out pain and death for his own amusement.


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