Blackmoore in Lord of the Clans.

Lieutenant General Aedelas Blackmoore was a nobleman of Lordaeron and an officer in the Grand Alliance Army. He later became the chief overseer of the orcish internment camps in the aftermath of the Second War.

In the Warcraft novel Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, Aedelas is one of the many passing characters but his story is learned in Lord of the Clans where he is the main villain. He is a ruthless and ambitious but also shortsighted military commander whose determination was proven by his military successes which were necessary to cleanse his name, since his father was guilty of treason. He organized arena fights with his imprisoned orc servant Thrall and taught him countless things like fighting reading and writing which proved to be foolish and his undoing. Even in the capital city of Lordaeron he used the corrupt tradition of the Colosseum to gain money, he physically abused his servant Taretha Foxton and gave her to Arthas in an attempt to curry favour with the prince while he was planning to seize the throne for himself.

Eventually, Taretha helped Thrall and the rest of the Orcs escape the internment camps, but this did not go unnoticed. Aedalas was infuriated, and murdered Taretha. With Thrall's only human friend killed, he and his new armies of former-slaves assaulted the walls of Durnholde Keep. In the end, Aedalas surrendered to Thrall. Thrall, however, told his Orcs to allow the human soldiers to go free, but called upon the Spirit of Earth to bring the keep down and burying Aedalas beneath it.

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