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He was the weakest of the Big FourGallia about Aegaeon after his death

Aegaeon was one of the four primary class pallasites. Despite his appearance he is not a human. As a pallasite, has the time control and other powers, depends on his weapon (sword) and without it, the distortions made by him disappears.

Fight against Ikki

Like Saturn, Aegeaon ever wanted to study the human, and meet Ikki, because he was following his leader (Saturn). Because the wish of Aegaeon to study the humans, he don't use all his power to fight with Ikki, to as far as he can do. Ikki sacrifices his body to damage the Aegaeon's sword (Jūbakuraizanba), forcing him heals himself in Cannon Island. So, he satisfied himself with the result of the text. The humans, can do madness.


Aegaeon followed Gallia and Hyperion and observed Titan care of Pallas; he is a Saturn servant (exactly why he helps Saturn against Ikki). He sent Surtr, his servant, to studies Shun, Kouga, Yuna and Souma (Surtr also want to see this, but want to kill them in the process), and Surtr was defeated. After, he sents Tokisada to kill Hyoga, Subaru, Eden and Haruto.

Shun arrives in Aegaeon's room, and he shows his Chronotector, and attacks with his sword, disabling Shun leg moves. He fights with Kouga, Yuna and Souma, and Kouga damages his sword, freeing Shun of the time freeze.

Ikki arrives to avenge on Aegaeon, and want discovery who is his true leader (he knows that is not Pallas) and Aegaeon destroy his mind to Ikki don't read it. Ike and Aegaeon, kill themselves and send them to a place with no time; after, Aegaeon brings Ikki back to the Earth.

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