Aegir was a secondary pallasite of Saint Seiya Omega. He is not a human. As a pallasite, his time control and another powers, depends of his weapon (Gauntlet) and with out it, the distortions made by him disappears.


Aegir leads an attack on Palaestra, where Genbu tries to defeat him. Genbu almost does this, but Hyperion sends his sword to Aegir, and the second part of the fight begins. Aegir timestops all the bronze saints and peoples of Pallaestra with the sword, and Genbu uses his body to break the sword and dies; when Genbu cracks the sword, Hyperion brings it to Pallas Belda, leaving Aegir alone against the bronze saints that recover their moves. Kouga avenges on Aegir and defeats he and all thinks he dead.

Aegir was so injured, that just arrives in Pallas Belda (where should go back all the pallasites to protect themselves) after Hyperion death. He goes kill the steel saints and the Saturn Soldiers goes back to the castle; his gauntlet received a piece of Hyperion's sword, and became a new and stronger gauntlet (The Hyperion's Gauntlet). The 3 original steel saints, save the other saints from Aegir's attacks, but, their bodies don't support their own power; but, Emma with a bit of Omega, escapes from the attack and launch various attacks, destroying Aegir Chronotector, but it only breaks after Jabu's attack and this attack kills Aegir.

Aegir liked Hyperion, even after Hyperion leaves he alone against Kouga.

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