Aerodent is the boss of the Topaz Passage in Wario Land 4. It is a a small mouse (or rat) that utilizes a giant inflatable bear in order to fly high enough to drop thumbtack-shaped, spiked enemies to try and harm Wario.

Wario reacts by throwing the rodent back into the inflatable bear to deflate the balloon, then attacking the bear's feet to turn it upside down and attack the mouse while it blows more air into the bear. When its health starts getting low it begins sending down fireballs at Wario to try and set him on fire. When defeated the mouse seemingly escapes but the inflatable bear explodes.

Aerodent also appears in the twenty-eighth volume of the Super Mario-kun manga in the Wario Land 4 arc. Like in the game, it can shoot fire at Wario to turn him into Flaming Wario. It gets heavily damaged when the Item Shopkeeper uses the Large Lips attack on it, and Wario delivers the final blow to it afterwards.