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My will shall become that of the universe!
~ Aesir

Aesir, also known as The Overseer and the God of Chaos is the final antagonist in the video game Bayonetta 2. He is the true creator as well as ruler of the human realm. He was also revealed that he split his soul into two beings; Loki, who was his good half, and Loptr, who is his evil half.

He was voiced by T. J. Ramini, who also played Loptr in the same video game.


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The Legend of Aesir... A legend from the dawn of time.

Nobody knows where the world came from. A struggle caused the Trinity of Realities to be split into three realms: light, darkness, and chaos. Obviously, our world was the one born from chaos. The three worlds all needed rulers. Most of all, ours. And the one that ruled the chaos became known as Aesir. Aesir spent the first eternity quietly looking upon the Earth from his holy mountain. Where we only see reality and make it match our rules of the world, Aesir saw through reality, and those visions became our world. These observations became Aesir's power. Aesir's eyes were truly the eyes that created the world.

However, Aesir pitied the humans for their naivety and lack of free will, so the power he wielded was split into two equal halves and entrusted each to humanity's instincts: the Right Eye of Light, and the Left Eye of Darkness. By dividing the power of the eyes of Aesir, humans gained free will... They could now choose. With control of the Eyes of the World, the eyes that determine destiny, humans could choose their own paths. They awoke to their own identities. Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature, but now we were thinking reeds, and we could our big first step towards grand prosperity.

The inheritors of the eyes of Aesir had been granted the power of creation.


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Jafar says: Read my lips and come to grips with the reality!

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Powers and Abilities

Aesir is a powerful deity, even more powerful that Jubileus the Creator. He processes all the powers of Loki and Loptr, as well as many other abilities. Some of his abilities include; altering his size at will, create giant projections of his arms to attack his enemies, project blasts of magical energy, and summon various technologies from across time/space of the human realm.

The Real power of Aesir is Nothingness, the power to erase the world and everything even the eyes of the world. However, Human free will decided to choose either the world is going to be destroy or rewrite its own.


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