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A bit closer to heaven.
~ Aesir's motto.

The Aesir Corporation is a major pharmaceutical company owned by Nicole Horne, and a main antagonistic organization in the 2001 third-person shooter videogame, Max Payne. It produces the drug known as Valkyr and sells it to the Punchinello Crime Family.


Manufactory of Valkyr

Since early 1990s, Nicole Horne and Aesir she led produced the drug named Valkyr. During secrecy, the only individuals beyond the company who knew about it were the parts of the Inner Circle, whom Horne blackmailed to remain silently. Though Don Angelo Punchinello, the leader of his family, ignored what the identity or affiliation of Nicole Horne was. While Alfred Wooden lacked information linking Aesir with Valkyr to the District Attorney's office, Michelle Payne, which finished the files, was now eliminated (along with her infant daughter). However, this event caused Michelle's husband, Max to get revenge on all who are responsible for the death of his family.

Assassination of Don Punchinello and surrender of Max Payne

After Max breaks the manor of Punchinello, killer suits comes and managed to kill Don Punchinello, however, they are shot dead by Payne. Shortly after, he is surrendered by Horne and her men. Instead of killing him, Horne decided to injects Max with an overdose of Valkyr, but later to no avail as Max managed to avoid his death in the Valkyr-induced hallucinations.

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