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NOTE: This character is from a spin-off no longer considered canon to the Avatar timeline so be warned.

Afiko, better know as Afiko the Betrayer, is a character in the non-canon Avatar: The Last Airbender Trading Card Game. He was an Air Nomad who betrayed his people by helping Fire Lord Sozin plan his Genocide of the air nomads by revealing the location of his home to the Fire Nation.



Afiko was once a normal Airbender growing up, but later in his life once he grew jealous when Aang's identity as the Avatar was announced to the rest of the Airbenders.


Afiko decided to betray the rest of the Air Nomads by telling the Fire Nation where the templates were located. With this information, the Fire Nation was able to storm the templates and slaughter every single Airbender except for Aang who was able to escape. Because his information was instrumental in the Fire Nation succeeding in there attack he got a place as Fire Lord Sozin's close adviser. Though the first few years of the Hundred Year War he would aid Fire Lord Sozin during his attacks on the Earth Kingdom.


Despite his loyalty to the Fire Nation and helping them out tremendously for some unknown reason, he was killed by Fire Lord Sozin for being a traitor 5 years into the war.


  • Afiko is the first villainous Airbender in the Avatar franchise despite no longer being considered canon.


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