Afro Samurai ep 31-46

The Afro Droid was created by Dharman at the Request of The Empty Seven. It is a Semi-Sentient Robot with advanced Weaponry and the fighting Skills of Afro, who serves as an antagonist in Afro Samurai


The Droid was first seen in episode 1 near the end still under construction by Dharman and did not appear again until Episode 3, where it is shown to look exactly like Afro, even wearing a replica of the Number Two Headband. I

t is then ordered by The Empty Seven to participate in a battle royale to prove it was the best for the task of killing Afro and claiming the Number Two Headband. It swiftly kills all the other competitors, including two world-class assassins hired specifically to kill Afro. The Afro Droid waits for Afro on a bridge leading to the Empty Seven's headquarters, blocking his path and imitating his moves like a mirror. He is able to copy and counter all of Afro's moves, due to having knowledge of his fighting style programmed in him by a chip full of Afro's memories.

He gains the upper hand from the start, doing damage to Afro and putting him in a tough position. He is defeated, though, when Afro invents a new style of fighting mid-battle and catches the Afro Droid off guard, making it lodge its sword in the wooden railing of the bridge, trapping it and allowing Afro to kill it. It falls into the river after the bridge is blown up.

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