Aftershock was a villainess from Marvel Comics who fought against Spider-Girl.


When Allison Dillon was born, she possessed electrical powers similar to that of her father, Electro.

Unfortunately, the two were on different wavelengths, and any physical contact resulted in painful electrical feedback. At the request of her mother, Marilyn, Electro stayed away from his daughter. While her father was incarcerated, Allison's mother died, and the girl was placed in the foster care system. Aftershock blew out the window of a jewelry store in a mall during a robbery. She battled Spider-Girl, without being named (although Spider-Girl advised her not to use the name Electra), and was incapacitated, webbed up to be turned over to police.

Following an unsuccessful attempt to rob an empty armored vehicle, Aftershock (revealing her costumed name for the first time) battled Spider-Girl. When a security guard tried to physically restrain her, he was nearly electrocuted, and Aftershock escaped while Spider-Girl performed CPR on the man. At the request of her father, Electro, Spider-Man and Spider-Girl agreed to try to bring her in safely. Spider-Girl encountered her in the process of robbing a jewelry store, and the two battled until the Avengers arrived with her father. Urging her not to make his mistakes over again, Electro embraced his daughter, and after the two endured the painful feedback, they were tearfully reunited. Aftershock surrendered to authorities; Spider-Man later commented that, as she was still a minor, her sentence should be light, and she might have been paroled into her father's custody.