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Villain Overview

I am 65 years old now. I made a wish again, just like a child. An impossible wish, of course. Do you know what I wished for? To become a good person.
~ Agâh's famous quote.

Agâh Beyoğlu is the anti-villainous main protagonist of the 2018 TV miniseries Şahsiyet (Persona in English). He is a retired 65 year old juicidal clerk who lives in Beyoğlu, İstanbul. He has a wife named Mebrure, a daughter named Zuhal and has a grandson named Deva. One day, he finds out he gets Alzheimer's disease and he will forget everything about his life. He begins a journey before he forgets everything.

He is portrayed by the Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer, who also portrays Dr. Ranbir Sartain in Halloween franchise, and Dr. Hugo Greif in 2020 TV series Alex Rider.


Agah usually appears as kind-hearted, good natured and fatherly. During the time he resides in Kambura, his 'friends' call him as "helpful", by helping them in their studentship times.

At first, before he gets Alzheimer's, he performs cowardly while attempting kill his victims. However, when he learns he is going to forget eveything, he becomes a brutal person while killing their victims.

However, it has to be noticed, Agah has a secretly remorse for killing his victims. Because, all he wanted is vengeance, he is not supposed to kill them willingly.

Also, unlike the most of villains are cruel against animals, Agah is kind to the animals, as seen when he feels remorse for not feeding his pet cat, Münir Bey, despite he forgets due to his Alzheimer's. He also visits its grave after burying it, and talks them.

While he kills his victims, he performs as a calm person, even talks his victims friendly before killing them.


Agah is an elderly, white-haired and average-body person with half-balded head and white moustache. He usually wears a coat on a shirt, with a tie. And he has a glasses, due to his eye problem.

Agah's Victims

Agah's most victims are his pedophilic old friends from Kambura, he seeks vengeance from them.

  • Mehmet Yurtgil: He is a retired judge and Agah's old friend. He gets shot in the head by Agah in his own house.
  • Tufan Elibol: He is a criminal who murders his wife. He gets kidnapped by Agah and used as a puppet. Agah incriminates him about his serial murders, via fingerprints. Later, he shoots him and kills while Tufan tries to escape.
  • Naimhan Türedi: He is a singer in the clubs, he gets killed by getting shot repeatedly when he was drunk, by Agah.
  • Salih Güden: He is a truck driver. Agah attempts to kill him first but only succeeded to injuring him. Later, Agah gets caught by Salih and Salih aims his gun at Agah. And Agah fakes Salih to he is going to kill himself, but immediately kills Salih by shooting him in the head.
  • Naz/Nazif Çörtük: He is a transgender who chooses to be a woman. At first, Agah tries to stab him on the chest, but the knife stucks to his silicon. They start a fight and Agah shoots him in the head while fighting.
  • Seyfi Terazi: He is one of the trio brothers. He gets stabbed.
  • Umut Terazi: He is one of the trio brothers. He gets shot in the head on back.
  • Ufuk Terazi: He is one of the trio brothers. Agah didn't kill Ufuk directly, but assisted him to kill himself, committed suicide.
  • The 'Mafias': They are three men that comes to the club and vandalize it. They get caught by Agah as The Dog Slayer and get shot. They are the only victims that are not related with Agah.
  • Tayfun: He is a botanist and Agah's old friend. He gets killed via explosion with a bomb of Agah's, after they drink and Agah's leaving.
  • Tahsin: He was the teacher of Nevra's. He was suffocated with a pillow while sleeping.
  • Cemil Havran: Agah's old friend and a rich businessman. He is the mastermind of the events. He gets kidnapped by Agah, but killed by Nevra.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Agah is a very intelligent and strategic serial killer. He prefers to approach friendly to his victims before he kills. However, he suffers from Alzheimer's. Sometimes, this prevents him to remember somethings. And, due to he is old, he is not well in hand-to-hand combats, as seen in while fighting Nazif.

He usually uses a pistol as a weapon against his victims, and he is a very well gunman. Also, he is an expert in deception, as seen in incriminating Tufan via his fingerprints. He also uses a knife and a pillow while killing his victims.

Also, he preserves his calmness while killing his victims, instead of the other serial killers.


Wouldn't that be awesome? If we forget everything wrong, and only remember the correct things?
~ Agah Beyoğlu
To forget for good... to even forget you have forgotten.
~ Agah Beyoğlu, about his Alzheimer's.
A bomb goes off, killing 50 people, and you don't panic. But when people are picked off one by one, then you do. Is that it?
~ Agah Beyoğlu, after watching the news, finding out that the people afraid of him.
Vengeance is a belated self-defence.
~ Agah Beyoğlu, to Nevra Elmas.
Remember the persona.
~ Agah Beyoğlu, in the start of an episode, as the narrator.
Are you mafia, son?!
~ Agah, asking to the three 'mafias'. Also, his second villainous breakdown.
No, no. I think you are confused. You're mixing up the law and justice. They are two different things. What you've said is how it should be done in accordance with the law. Of course, providing that there is law. But justice is something different. This is the justice.
~ Agah, opposes Nevra's incarceration offer, tries to kill Cemil.
You are alive but you don't exist. How can someone endure this?
~ Agah Beyoğlu, about the Alzheimer's.
Life is the souvenir. If you forget, you die.
~ Agah Beyoğlu
Instead of fearing death and dying every day, fear death, sure, but live every day.
~ Agah Beyoğlu
1) Buy a red marker.

2) Kill Nazif.

~ Agah notes his what-to-do list to don't forget.
I was talking to myself. Yes, but no one will hear what I'm saying. YOU DON'T HEAR TOO WHAT I'M SAYING! YOU DON'T HEAR TOO! NO ONE HEARS! NO ONE HEARS ME! NO ONE!
~ Agah, talks to his wife in his own imagination, also his villainous breakdown.

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  • Haluk Bilginer is the winner of 2019 International Emmy Award for Best Actor, with Agah Beyoğlu role.
  • Agah Beyoğlu and John Kramer, from Saw franchise, have some similarities;
    • Both of them are elderly serial killers.
    • Both of them are starting to murder after finding out they get a disease; John has cancer.
    • Both of them are shown as a role model by the other people.
    • Both of them wear a mask/costume that inspired by an animal; Agah wears a cat costume, John wears a pig mask.
    • Both of them has a student who carry on their actions.