Agamemno was a DC comics supervillain.
Composed of cosmic energy, Agamemno was one of the first sentient beings formed in the wake of the Big Bang. Upon seeing the vastness of space, Agamemno wanted control of it, to rule the other life forms just being born. His father, however, wanted to control the cosmos himself, thereby pitting himself against his son. Seeking an advantage to end this stalemate, Agamemno converted himself into sentient energy and toured the universe in search of three objects that could be pieced together into a killing weapon. His search brought him to Earth during the early days of the modern heroic age, where he manipulated super powered heroes and villains to do his bidding. The various members of the JLA managed to thwart his plans, however, and kept the objects from being used. Agamemno then returned to space, seeking another way to beat his father for control of the cosmos.

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