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Agamemnon is the main antagonist of the 2003 miniseries Helen of Troy

He was portrayed by Rufus Sewell.


At first, Agamemnon seemed to be good ruler, loved by everyone of the city of Sparta, and a good father and sibling. He promised his brother, Menelaus, the hand of Helen of Troy in marriage, but didn't know she loved Paris.

After the wedding, he learned that Helen went off to Paris. Furious, Agamemnon then conspired to attack Troy with his men, sacrificing his daughter before heading off to war to appease the gods.

To end the war, Agamemnon build his Trojan horse to leave as a gift to Troy, before emerging at night to attack the city, kill the royal family and Paris, and forced himself on Helen. Menelaus tried to stop him on this last thing, but he was held back and forced to watch. However, Agamemnon was eventually tricked by Clytemnestra, who trapped him in a net and stabbed him to death.


At first, Agamemnon seemed to be a heroic figure who cares and respects others. However, there also exists a side to Agamemnon that makes him truly dangerous, with him also having sly, perverted, and murderous traits.