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Agariyama is the head of NOAH and the main antagonist of Revice Legacy: Kamen Rider Vail.

He is portrayed by Mitsu Murata, who also played the Man in Kamen Rider Hibiki and Bishop in Kamen Rider Kiva.


Agariyama had Masumi Karizaki develop the Proto Vistamps under his direction. Their experiments with the Vistamps on human test subjects resulted in many of the subjects dying and "incomplete" demons being born from them. He at some point sicced a demon, who was revealed to be Vail, on the family of Junpei Shiranami, killing his parents and critically injuring him, allowing for him to be taken in and used as a test subject for NOAH.

Masumi was able to pull off a successful experiment by injecting Giff's cells into a fatally injured man named Junpei Shiranami, turning him into a human-demon hybrid and resulting in the demon Vail being born from him. Agariyama then had Masumi give Junpei the Vail Driver he had developed and made Junpei work for NOAH as an "exterminator", using him to slay the incomplete demons that had been born from NOAH's other experiments. After he had destroyed the demon, Junpei would be tased by a squad of NOAH soldiers and kept locked up in a cell until he was needed again. The strain of the Vail Driver eventually caused Junpei to lose most of his memories, including his own name.

In one particular instance however, an incomplete demon got loose in public and Junpei was sent to kill it. In the process of doing his finisher however, Junpei knocked up some of the cement and was separated from the rest of the NOAH soldiers. He then met a woman named Yukimi and was taken by her to her bathhouse. Furious that Junpei had gotten loose, Agariyama ordered the NOAH soldier captain to lead a force to hunt Junpei down. They soon found him with Yukimi and captured both of them. After Junpei was brought back, Agariyama told Junpei that his place was with NOAH and kept him and Yukimi locked up in separate cells.

However, Junpei and Yukimi were broken out by Shozo Irabu, who had defected and become a spy. As Junpei made his escape and became Kamen Rider Vail to fight off the soldiers, Agariyama went to confront him personally. He attempted to shoot Junpei, but was stabbed through the chest and killed by Vail.


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