Agat is the main antagonist in the 1983-1984 limited comic book series Ronin. He is a demon from feudal Japan who is resurrected in a dystopic New York City.
Agat being stabbed by Ronin with a samuri sword.


Agat is a demon and has many features. He has a demon form with green eyes and he has spikes lined along his spine and some on his head. He also possesses the power of shape-shifting and can transform into an animal or a person.

Role in Ronin

In feudal Japan, during a party held for Master Ozaki, a demon named Agat kills Ozaki to obtain a sword that once belonged to him, while disguised as a geisha. Ozaki's samurai, now a Ronin (a samurai with no master or lord) swears to avenge his master. After wondering the countryside for many years, the Ronin appears before Agat's castle and the two fight. The Ronin uses the sword and stabs himself along with Agat. But before they both die, Agat curses the Ronin so that both their souls are trapped within the sword until someone releases them.

Eight centuries later in a dystopic New York City, economic and social collapse cause the city to head into great despair. The city is full of mutants, squatters, and factions. In the heart of the city, lies the Aquarius complex, the headquarters of Aquarius Cooperation.