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Agatha Culpepper is a recurring antagonist Paradise P.D.. She is the mother of Karen Crawford, the mother-in-law of Randall Crawford, and eventually, the wife of Stanley Hopson. She is a spiteful old woman who hates her son-in-law, believing him to be beneath his daughter. She is villainous for embezzling much-needed money from her daughter, which could have gone to saving the town, cheating on her husband with Hopson, and exhibiting ableism toward Kevin, who she believes is autistic.

Like her daughter, Agatha is voiced by Grey Griffin.


In "Blimp City", Agatha came down to The Crawford House, when she heard that Karen and Randall Crawford were having another baby and came down to help them out. All she really did was chastise Randall for the most part and also treat Kevin like he was mentally disabled and gave him a children's puzzle, which he took offense to. Randall came out of the house to see that Agatha was throwing away all of his stuff, saying that it was dangerous to the baby. Randall ranted and raved at her for being so invasive but Agatha told him that the baby would be better off if he was dead, which really struck a nerve with Randall.

Also during her visit, Agatha started hitting on Hopson, despite the fact that she was currently married. Apparently, she remembered Hopson from high school back in the 50's or 60's and wanted to go out with him.

When Randall told Karen about what Agatha had said to him earlier, about how she wanted him dead, Karen was appalled and told her mother that she was treating the family horribly and demanded that she leave and go home. Agatha said that she was going to be staying for a while because she had recently gotten married to Hopson and was moving in with him.

In "The World According to LARP", Agatha and Hopson bought a phallic mansion that previously belonged to Lindsey Graham. Karen and Randall went to them and asked her for money, needing her to fund the Rebuild Paradise Initiative. Agatha could have easily paid off the debt, as the millions of dollars they required was just pocket money to her but she refused, saying that she'd only pay Karen if she broke up with Randall.


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