Agatha K. Plummer is the secondary antagonist of the 1996 live action film, Harriet the Spy.

She was portrayed by the late actress/singer Eartha Kitt, who also played Yzma in Disney's The Emperor New Groove, and Catwoman in the Batman show.


When Harriet sneaks into her home to investigate, her maid knocks on the door and cruelly tells her dog Peewee not to make her come in there. Agatha's maid then tells her dog to get away from the dumbwaiter when Harriet hides in the dumbwaiter and quietly closes the door and tells Peewee to shut up.

When the dumbwaiter moves down, Agatha hears the noise and her maid goes to investigate and she, her maid and Harriet scream at each other. Agatha's maid chases Harriet out of the house and rudely throws her private notebook at her and locks the door.