Agatha Timly was a Marvel Comics villain who sought out the forbidden powers of the Darkhold and paid the ultimate price for her dark obsession.


Agatha Timly and her meek husband Nathan had a deep interest in the occult and in particular one of the most powerful books of dark magic ever created, the Darkhold. Jack Russell's father, Gregory, was a known scholar and researcher of black magic as he tried to find a way to reverse his lycanthropcy and was believed to have possessed the Darkhold before he died.

The Timlys believed that Jack was told the location of the powerful book by his mother upon her deathbed. Attempts by Jack to tell the Timly's that all he had learned from his mother was the origin of his curse proved futile as Agatha was convinced that Jack knew where the book was. She desperately wanted the Darkhold to realize her own dreams of power, and resorted to torturing the young man in order to discover its location.

During one such instance her servant, Kraig, struck out against his master, Nathan, accidently killing him. Jack was able to escape in the aftermath and later fought Kraig in the form of the Werewolf by Night.

After Kraig's failure to recapture Russell Agatha tried to summon long-dead gods without the information she needed from the Darkhold and apparently perished in the attempt.

Powers and Abilities

Agatha Timly seemed to possess some form of telepathy as she was able to discern mentally when the mind of Jack Russell had reverted to that of the Werewolf. She also seemed to possess some ability at manipulating magical energies, though the limits of this power are unknown as she seemingly perished when she tried to summon forgotten gods to help her enact her magics.

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