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Agent !

Agent ! is a supervillain in the DC comics.


The man known alternately as Agent "!", or simply as Malcolm, was of Italian descent and had two metahuman powers. The most prominent of these was the ability to blend seamlessly into any crowd, to the point where he became almost impossible to spot; he often referred to this as making him a man "who comes as no surprise." His other super-human ability, manifested at the time of his death, was to generate a miniature plane from his chest. It is unknown whether or not he would have been able to do this while still alive, or whether or not he would have been able to mentally direct it in its flight if he had.

It is known that his power to blend into crowds was not one that he could consciously control, and this made it extremely difficult for him to make or maintain friendships or other social interactions. It has been speculated that this caused him severe psychological problems, chiefly the desire to experience what it was like to surprise someone.

His alienation from society made him appear to be a prime candidate for sociopathic behavior, and he came to the attention of Mr. Nobody, who recruited him for the Brotherhood of Dada. As a member of the Brotherhood, Agent "!" helped Mr. Nobody in his battles with the members of the Doom Patrol and was able to successfully use his powers to help confound the heroes.

Unfortunately, the battle was observed and interfered with by U.S. Armed Forces soldiers, who shot and killed Agent "!". It was at the moment of his pending death that he first manifested the ability to launch a small plane from his chest, and this surprised the soldiers so much that although Agent "!" died, he perished with a smile.


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