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Your training partners have been programmed to attack, block and generally make your lives difficult.
~ Agent Dunbar.
Ladies, I'm glad you're here. You're about to learn another important lesson. Treat your team right, or they will steal your secrets and use them against you.
~ Agent Dunbar to Barbie and her teams.

Agent Scott Dunbar is the main antagonist of the 2016 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film Barbie: Spy Squad.

He was voiced by Brian Dobson, who also voiced Skeletor and King Hiss in He Man and The Masters of The Universe.


Dunbar is a British spy (minus the accent) who was trusted and hired by Ms. Zee to work at her spy agency I3, and he had a good reputation.

He initially working with BarbieRenée and Teresa. All along for, Dunbar has been busy with his common businesses every time in then has been spends time to taught the girls that how to be spies.

Patricia Lovitz, his loyal minion who had manipulated and does that helps him in plans to uses the EMP weapon then freeze all active global technologies, destroying I3 and other agencies, and later taking over the world, until she changes sides, making into his annoyance.

Aftermaths in this, Dunbar is taking away by Zoe, only his destiny is not clear all.


Agent Dunbar is a charismatic man who knows how to manipulate people into believing him and having faith in him. He first appears as a stern, serious, but well-meaning person who takes his job seriously. He later is revealed to be rudeness, disrespect, selfish, greedy, angry, heartless, and callous.



  • Patricia Lovitz (formerly)
  • Zoe Honda (formerly)
  • Lazlo (formerly)
  • Barbie Roberts (formerly)
  • Teresa Rivera (formerly)
  • Renee Honda (formerly)
  • Violet (formerly)
  • Percy (formerly)


  • Patricia Lovitz
  • Zoe Honda
  • Lazlo
  • Barbie Roberts
  • Teresa Rivera
  • Renee Honda
  • Violet
  • Percy
  • Chelsea Roberts


  • In the film bloopers, Dunbar and Lazlo are drinking cold coffee in which they being spotted by Teresa by the fact actually in very ridiculous so that.


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