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Agent Scott Dunbar (simply known as Agent Dunbar) is the main antagonist of Barbie: Spy Squad.

He was voiced by Brian Dobson.


Dunbar is a British spy (minus the accent) who was trusted and hired by Ms. Zee to work at her spy agency I3, and he had a good reputation. He initally works with BarbieRenée and Teresa and teaches them how to be good spies. He manages to manipulate Patricia Lovitz into working with him on his plans to use the EMP weapon to freeze all active global technologies, destroy I3 and other agencies, and later take over the world, until she changes sides, to his annoyance.


Agent Dunbar is a charismatic man who knows how to manipulate people into believing him and having faith in him. He first appears as a stern, serious, but well-meaning person who takes his job seriously. He later is revealed to be rude, selfish, greedy, angry, heartless and callous.


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