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Moses: I'm on a mission from God!
Haggard: Tell him you failed!
~ Haggard shooting Moses Buggs for getting in his way.

Agent Haggard is the secondary antagonist of the 2011 science fiction/comedy film Paul. He is an inept rookie United States Secret Agent working for "The Big Guy" alongside his partner Agent O'Reilly. 

He was portrayed by Bill Hader.


Agent Haggard was a rookie U.S.A. Secret Agent who was partnered with rookie Agent O'Reilly, and both were under command of Special Agent Lorenzo Zoil. Agent Zoil asked Haggard and O'Reilly to help them catch a target, and Haggard later learned that it was to capture an alien named Paul after spying on a conversation between Zoil and The Big Guy. Haggard and O'Reilly decided to confront Zoil, but the two agents were dismissed from the mission.

Pursuing Paul

Wanting to catch Paul by themselves, Haggard and O'Reilly followed the alien to his old friend's house. The agents threw smoke grenades into Tara Walton's house, only to find Zoil on the entrance, and confronted them. After Zoil is distracted, Haggard pursued Paul, but Zoil starts to shoot at the rookie agent. During the pursuit, O'Reilly is killed when shooting at Paul from Tara's house, with gas leaking from the house stove.


Despite the death of his partner, Haggard continues to pursue Paul and his friends in an R.V. as well as Mr. Moses Buggs. Haggard shoots Moses after being caught by him, but he survives due to the bullet being stopped by his bible. Haggard continues his pursuit, but Paul pushes him off the road before arriving at a bridge, and his car falls off a cliff and explodes, killing him.


Despite both Haggard and O'Reilly being incompetent, stupid and immature, Haggard proves to be more intelligent, professional, mature and even more cruel than O'Reilly. He also shows himself to be greatly determined to capture the alien, going as far to pursue him in an R.V. and shoot Moses.

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