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Template:Evil-doerAgent Haggard_(Paul) is one of the two tertiary, later secondary antagonists of the 2011 science fiction/comedy film Paul, he is an inept rookie United States Secret Agent working for the main antagonist "The Big Guy" alongside his partner Agent O'Reilly.

Agent Haggard and Agent O'Reilly were two rookie U.S.A Secret Agents working under the command of the secondary antagonist, later hidden supporting protagonist Special Agent Lorenzo Zoil helping him find the alien Paul without knowing, it wasn't until Haggard found out what the mission was all about spying on a conversation between Zoil an The Big Guy that Haggard and O'Reilly decided to confront Zoil but they were dismissed of the mission.


Later they try to catch Paul by themselves, that's when they follow Paul and his friends to the house of Paul's old friend Tara Walton, Haggard and O'Reilly throw smoke grenades into Tara's House just to find Zoil on the entrance, O'Reilly enters the house but Paul and his friends managed to escape, while Zoil confronts Haggard Paul distracts Zoil and Haggard pursues him, but Zoil starts shooting at Haggard,while this is happening O´Reilly shoots at Paul from Tara's house but the gas from the house stove left open by accident by Tara causes the house to explode killing O'Reilly, Haggard then pursues Paul's and his friends on an R.V. as well as Mr. Moses Buggs who thinks his daughter Ruth (Paul's friend) has been kidnapped by Paul who he believes is a demon, Mr. Buggs matches Haggard and Haggards shoots him but the bullet was stopped by Buggs´s bible, Haggard continues pursuing the R.V but Paul pushes him of the road before arriving to a bridge, and as Haggard is about to shoot Paul, he doesn't realizes he is driving to the edge, the R.V crosses the bridge but Haggard's car falls of a cliff and explodes later, killing him.

Despite both Haggard and O'Reilly are both incompetent, stupid and immature, Haggard proves to be more intelligent, professional, mature and even more cruel than O'Reilly.