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Agent Jackson is a character of The Matrix trilogy and a major antagonist in The Matrix Reloaded. He is a high-ranking Agent and is fellow cohorts with Agent Johnson and Agent Thompson.

He was portrayed by David A. Kilde.



Jackson was required to defeat Neo so he can prevent the One from reaching the Architect. Working alongside Johnson and Thompson together, Jackson was determined to keep the Matrix under control.

Highway Attack

Jackson was ordered to attack the Resistance in the highway and kill the Keymaker, even attempting to fight against the Twins sent by The Merovingian to capture the Keymaker. Though both failed as Neo managed to rescue them.

Nuclear Power Plant

Jackson and his cohorts encountered Neo one last time at the power plant and blew it up. He made his final appearance when he aids Thompson in a gunfight against Trinity, though the two are instantly killed when Neo's special ability to save Trinity practically destroys the building.


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