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Agent Jackson

Agent Jackson

Agent Jackson is an antagonist from Comedy Central's Key and Peele, appearing in a sketch from the episode "The Job Interview".

She was portrayed by Tricia Helfer, who also portrayed Goddess in Lucifer, Carla Baxter in Burn Notice, and the Espheni Queen in Falling Skies.


Agent Jackson was working with eccentric military agent Decker and his superior - an unnamed General - on a mission, which included infiltrating a consulate that was taken over by a sinister organization known as Arachnid.

During the entire sketch, Decker constantly touches the displayed hologram of the building, and it was later in the segment that the General informed Decker that his target was his longtime archenemy named Nikolai Androkovich. After he is shown a photo of Androkovich, Decker (believing it was real) then tosses a knife at the hologram, thus accidentally killing Jackson.

In a shocking twist, Jackson is posthumously revealed as a villainess, as she was actually a mole working for Arachnid. While the General checked on her, he discovered an arachnid-shaped pendant on Jackson, which ended up revealing the evil Jackson as a villainous agent.

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