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Agent Joshua "Josh" Kohn is the secondary antagonist of the first season of Sons of Anarchy. He is an ATF Agent and obsessive ex-boyfriend of Tara Knowles, one of the main characters.

He was portrayed by Jay Karnes.


In Fun Town, Tara receives a threatening phone call from Josh Kohn, a Chicago-Based ATF Agent, telling her that he Is looking for her. Josh Kohn turns up the police station, identifying himself as an ATF Agent and asking Hale if he needs help bringing down the Sons Of Anarchy, much to Hale's delight.

In Patch Over, Josh Kohn, the ATF Agent in league with David Hale, follows the truck in his car. Jax also has sex with Susie, which Kohn photographs from his car. At the hospital, Tara receives an envelope from Kohn containing photographs of Jax And Susie having sex.

In Giving Back Josh, Kohn approaches a shocked Tara at the hospital. She warns him to stay away from her, but he tells her that he is in on town on official business.

In AK-51, Jax knows that the ATF Named Joshua Kohn will be back with a Search Warrant and tells the others that they will have to get rid of the guns from the garage. Kohn looks at Abel. With a search of their property imminent, the Sons must get the remaining guns to the One-Niners as soon a shot possible without the ATFs noticing including Josh Kohn. When the ATF agents Josh Kohn arrive to search the garage they find nothing.

In Old Bones, After some prodding, Tara tells him that Agent Kohn is an ex who won’t leave her alone. Jax gets on it, stabbing Kohn's radiator and warning him that next time it will be him. He then goes straight to Deputy Chief Hale to let him know what Kohn's true agenda is. Jax confronts Kohn. Hale says that Kohn’s boss knows that did not know that he was investigating in Charming; Kohn is being sent home and won't bother her again. The depth of Agent Kohn's mental instability becomes clear when he is seen breaking into Jax's house, urinating in Abel's room. The brother claims that Jax was acting in self defense after Kohn stabbed him. It is revealed that Kohn was violating several laws, including restraining order against Tara, and fabricated his investigating into the Sons of Anarchy, he is Arrested and promptly told that his career with the ATF is over.

In The Pull, just after he leaves, Kohn emerges from the bathroom to Tara's shock. Kohn just asks five minutes for Tara's time And a chance to start over. He apologizes for his behaviors. Kohn says that Jax and Tara can never happen, and all that matters is the two of them. He asks for a change to build the foundation that their relationship needs. Kohn says sometimes his energy can Be big, and that he was an intense guy. He tells her she wasn't used to being loved so deeply before Jax kills Josh Kohn.

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