FANDOM the course of my duties, I have encountered a rebel cell.
~ Agent Kallus, to the Inquisitor.
I am Fulcrum.
~ Kallus to Ezra and Kanan, revealing he is a double agent that supports the Rebellion.

Alexsandr Kallus, or better known as Agent Kallus or simply Kallus, was a member of the Imperial Security Bureau, who serves as the secondary antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist in Star Wars Rebels. He is the secondary antagonist of Season 1, a major antagonist in Season 2, a supporting anti-villain in Season 3, and a supporting protagonist in Season 4.

He was voiced by David Oyelowo, who also played Steven Jacobs in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Scar in The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar.


Like most ISB agents, Kallus is initially steadfast and devoted to serving the Emperor and protecting his New Order from the Rebel Alliance at all costs. He has a strong hatred for anyone who opposes the Galactic Empire, fueled by his inflated ego and sense of superiority, both of which came from his senior rank. He is cold-hearted and ruthless to those who oppose him, and apparently has no qualms with inflicting torture, physical or emotional, apparently showing a sadistic streak when he dueled Zeb. Despite his hatred for the Lothal rebels that constantly escape his grasp, he admits to Grand Moff Tarkin that they have proven themselves "elusive", showing some form of respect or at least acknowledging their skills.

However, in Legacy, Kallus admits that he does respect the rebels, even though they represent his constant failures. In "Spark of a Rebellion", he also shows a disregard for soldiers under his command, such as when he kicked a stormtrooper on a pole under him to the latter's demise when the trooper had only asked a simple question. He is also unfailingly affectionate and loyal to his superiors, but is bold enough to (subtly) criticize Tarkin after the events of Mustafar by bringing up how Tarkin's failure has caused whispers on Lothal, how the people are beginning to see the Empire as weak and vulnerable. Kallus' single-minded loyalty to the Empire also made him (at least for the most part) unsympathetic and undemonstrative even to his own allies, such as when he expressed little to no remorse over his role in Maketh Tua's death, and appeared to take a sadistic pleasure in her fear of Wilhuff Tarkin, later Darth Vader.

However, deep under his tough persona, Kallus is truly kind, merciful and compassionate, as he appears to be, as he occasionally shows a more vulnerable side. Before the crew of the Ghost detonated explosive paint in the lower hangar of his personal Star Destroyer, the Lawbringer, he instructed his troops to take cover. Additionally, upon confirming that a Rodian civilian was not Tseebo, he told him to enjoy the Empire Day celebrations in an almost friendly tone. Despite his somewhat uncaring and treacherous demeanor towards the Stormtroopers under his command, he was visibly shocked by the sudden and brutal execution of Cumberlayne Aresko and Myles Grint at the command of Wilhuff Tarkin. Kallus also displayed a particularly ineffectual and vulnerable side when he was forced to cooperate with Garazeb Orrelios in order to survive, regretfully revealing his first unpleasant encounter with a Lasat and expressing a degree of remorse over the fact that genocide was used to conquer Lasan.

Destruction of Lasan

I was there when Lasan fell. I know why you fear those disruptors. I gave the order to use them!
~ Kallus, to Garazeb Orrelios.
Kallus participated in the destruction of Lasan, and the Lasan Honor Guard with it. After giving the order to use T-7 Disruptors on the Lasats and defeating a member of the Honor Guard, Kallus took the fallen Lasar's AB-75 Bo-Rifle, which he kept as a trophy.

Hunting down the Rebels

Investigating Capital City

Years after the destruction of Lasan, Kallus found himself on the planet Lothal, following a series of rebel assaults. While in Capital City, Kallus spoke with Commander Cumberlayne Aresko. The two discussed the frequent nature of the assaults, and how they may signify the spark of a rebellion against the Empire.

Capturing the Rebels

Not long after, Kallus managed to catch up to the rebels, who were, at the time, attempting to save Wookiee slaves from an Imperial freighter. Arriving in an Imperial Star Destroyer, Kallus caught both the Ghost and the freighter in a tractor beam.

After assembling his unit, Kallus waited behind a locked door, prepared to ambush the rebels. His plan was foiled, however, when Ezra informed Kallus and Zeb about the trap. The trio then made a run for the Ghost, deactivating the artificial gravity to get the upper hand on their opponents. The crew eventually reached their ship, with Kallus not far behind. Unfortunately, Ezra was grabbed just before he could get inside because Zeb pushed past him.

After being captured, Ezra was brought to a prison cell, on board the Star Destroyer. While with Ezra, Kallus informed the young rebel about his intentions to use him as bait, a plan Ezra considered foolish, not believing the others would come for him. Kallus then ordered Ezra to be searched, before leaving the room.

Following Ezra's escape, Kallus made a run for the docking bay, where the Ghost was temporarily at. Once there, Kallus and his men overpowered the Rebels, forcing them to fall back into their ship. However, before Kallus could stop them, Sabine's improvised explosive went off, exposing the entire docking bay. One of the stormtroopers managed to get the shields online, however, saving Kallus' life.

Kallus' hope was quickly reignited, however, when he discovered Ezra's helmet, which hinted at the crew's whereabouts.

Battle on Kessel

All troopers, focus your fire on... on the Jedi!
~ Kallus, ordering his men.
After tracing the rebels' location to Kessel, Kallus ambushed the group with an Imperial freighter, as well as a couple of TIE Fighters. This eventually led to a confrontation between the factions, with Kallus and his men on one side of the platform, and the rebels and Wookiees on the other.

In order to buy some time for the crews' pilot Hera Syndulla to arrive, Kanan took out his lightsaber, revealing himself to the Empire. Kallus then ordered his men into battle, as he tracked down Ezra.

His pursuit of the boy eventually brought him to a long walkway, towering above an enormous pit. Kallus then prepared to kill Ezra, as he aimed his blaster towards the boy. His plan was once again foiled, however, when Kanan arrived with the Ghost. Kallus decided to try shooting Kanan, who was standing atop the ship. This backfired, however, when Kanan deflected one of Kallus' shots, knocking Kallus over the railing.

Kallus managed to survive the blast, however, by hanging onto a metallic structure. A stormtrooper, who was in the same predicament as Kallus, then asked if this was Kallus' first encounter with a Jedi, to which Kallus responded to by kicking the stormtrooper in the face down the abyss.

Meeting with Tua

Not long after the battle on Kessel, Kallus spoke with Lothal's Prime Minister Maketh Tua, following yet another Imperial shipment raid, this time on Gorell.

After confirming the identity of Tua's attackers, Kallus quickly dispersed from his star destroyer and onto an Imperial Freighter, equipped with two AT-DP. Armed with heavy artillery, Kallus made haste for Tarkintown, where he believed the rebels were currently located.

Ambushing the Rebels

Kallus eventually arrived at the rebels' location, just as they were finishing their deal with crime lord Cikatro Vizago. Vizago didn't hesitate to withdraw his IG-RM, not wanting to go up against the wrath of the Empire.

With the rebels now alone, Kallus dispersed his ship's two AT-DP's onto the battlefield. The rebels managed to thwart the machines, however, by using the T-7 Disruptors they previously stole. Kallus then dispersed some stormtroopers, whom he joined on the battlefield. While the troopers kept the rest of the rebels occupied, Kallus challenged the team's Lasat member Zeb to a Bo-Rifle duel. After disarming Zeb, Kallus prepared to finish off his foe. He was stopped however, by Ezra, who used his Force abilities to push Kallus onto a large boulder.

Kallus eventually awakened, only to watch the Ghost fly off, yet again.

Theft of the Decoder

Undercover as an imperial cadet, Ezra Bridger broke into his office and stole an imperial decoder Kanan and Hera needed for one of their missions while his ally Zare Leonis distracted Kallus. The boy later sucessfully escaped the imperial academy along with his friend Jai Kell.

Empire Day Parade

While most citizens were enjoying Tua's Empire Day parade he and his men tried to find the defected imperial technician Tseebo who had stolen many imperial secrets. This was shortly interrupted when the rebels bombed the experimental TIE-Fighter that was intended to be the main attraction. When Tua got angry over the disruption of the empire day Kallus agreed that they all wanted to find the Rebels but that Tseebo's capture was their main goal. Later he pursued the Rebels when they attempted to escape the city with the rodian onboard on board of a ITT with his own ITT. While his ITT fired he and his men boarded the top of the stolen vehicle but their ITT was destroyed and he was stopped by Zeb who fired at him from the Ghost which caused him to fall from the top while the rebels used it to reach the Ghost. Kallus managed to climb back onto the vehicle and fired a few shots at the rebels that were easily deflected by Kanan Jarrus. As the Ghost flew away he contacted The Grand Inquisitor who then followed the Ghost in his TIE-Fighter, but was unable to capture the Rodian despite nearly killing Kanan.

Setting a trap

Having come to the conclusion that the Inquisitor's method of defeating the rebels was flawed Kallus set a trap for the entire Crew with the help of the imperial Senator Gall Trayvis who was posing as a voice of rebellion in order to lure rebels into traps and minister Tua. Trayvis organised a meeting with the rebels through a hacked Holo-Net transmission in the old senate building on Lothal while Kallus pretended to attempt the capture of him. When Ezra, Kanan and Hera Syndulla entered the building and warned Trayvis about the supposed danger of his situation Kallus, Tua and their forces quickly attacked and surrounded them. Kallus recognised Hera as the pilot of the crew due to her clothing and when Tua pointed out the absence of Zeb and Sabine he threatened them with execution before the two entered the room and helped their friends to escape with the help of smoke grenades and thermal detonators. Kallus and his men then forced the rebels to retreat into the sewers where Hera, who had been suspicious of Trayvis tricked the senator into revealing his true allegiance and knocked him unconcious. Kallus' forces arrived soon after that but weren't able to prevent their targets from escaping through a huge fan.

Working under Tarkin

The Rebels activities eventually drew the attention of Grand Moff Tarkin who decided to pay Lothal a visit. Kallus, Tua and the Inquisitor where present at the Grandmoff's reception. During this event Tarkin scolded Kallus for his failure to stop the Rebels to which he replied that he had done everything he could. He later went to another meeting called in by Tarkin which ended with Tarkin ordering the Inquisitor to brutally execute the imperial officers Cumberlayne Aresko and Myles Grint to show Kallus and Tua that from now on failure would have it's consequences. Similar to Tua Kallus was horrified, altough he was able to hide his shock better. When an imperial droid located the rebels near the communication tower, Kallus quickly informed Tarkin who decided to use this opportunity to set a trap. During this encounter Kallus personally confronted Kanan before deciding to leave him to the Inquisitor who defeated and captured the former Jedi.As Kanan was brought to Tarkin, Kallus reported that the rebels had taken control of the tower who quickly decided to destroy it. He later interrogated the Jedi but as Tarkin was dissatisfied with his result he replaced him with the Inquisitor who proceded to sadistically torture Kanan. While Tarkin and the Inquisitor brought Kanan to the Mustafar system Kallus stayed at Lothal. When Tarkin returned after the destruction of his star destroyer, the death of the Inquisitor and's escape Kallus noted that the events on Mustafar would cause people to see the empire as weak to which Tarkin responded that the Emperor Palpatine had sent an alternative solution before Darth Vader exited Tarkin's shuttle.

Siege of Lothal

After Tua's attempt to capture the Rebels by doubling security and creating controlpoints, Kallus informed her that Tarkin was displeased with her methods. While Tua tried to defend herself Vader entered the room and told her she lacked imagination. As Tua correctly assumed the Rebels had already left the planet, Vader simply responded by saying that they would either force them to go out of hiding by terrorising the planet. When Tua tried to explain that she had no experience with such brutal measures, Vader informed her that she would have to explain that to Tarkin himself at he had called for her to come to him to explain herself and left the room. Afraid for Lothal and afraid to suffer the same fate as Aresko and Grint she asked Kallus what would happen to Lothal without her he replied with a cold smile that he and Vader would take care of that. Tua then quickly contacted the rebels and asked them to get her offworld in exchange for the names of numerous rebel symphasisers. Kallus had however anticipated this and send a probe droid to keep an eye on her. The next day he accompanied her to a shuttle that would bring her to Tarkin alongside many stormtroopers. When the rebels tried to help her escape he fought against them while Tua ran to the shuttle. The moment she entered it exploded, killing her, as the empire had placed a bomb in it so it could use her death to discredit the rebels. Faking anger Kallus accused the rebels of killing Tua while they escaped. Under orders of Vader he later had the refugee camp Tarkintown, to which the rebels had delivered food in the past, burned in order to draw them out after they had stolen another imperial shuttle. They later used this vehicle to escape Lothal and joined the fleet of the Phoenix cell, only to be attacked by Vader and Admiral Kassius Konstantine who had placed a in the shuttle. Despite Vader destroying many of their starfighters and their commando ship, most of them escaped due to Vader focusing on the Ghost after learning his former apprentice Ahsoka Tano was in the ship. The Ghost itself managed to escape too because of Konstantine's incompetence.

Mission on Seelos

Having been promoted to Commander Kallus was given the task to assist Konstantine to find the rebels. While on the bridge of the Relentless Konstantine's star destroyer they received a transmission from Clone Trooper Wolffe who informed them that he had encountered two jedi on the planet Seelos. Despite Konstantine being sceptic due to Wolffe's history of delusional distress call's, Kallus sent a probe droid to Seelos to investigate the accuracy of Wolffe's statement. The droid was able to verify Wolffe's claim and located the ghost crew. Soon after that the Relentless arrived at Seelos. Then Kallus demanded from Wolffe and his fellow clones Rex and Gregor to give them the rebels or to be destroyed. Instead Rex challenged Kallus and mocked his stormtroopers to which Kallus simply replied that they were loyal and he had a lot of them. First Kallus ordered a squadron of TIE-Fighters to deal with the clones and the AT-TE walker they inhabited. After the TIE's were destroyed Kallus personally led three AT-AT's against the AT-TE. Knowing that this was a battle they couldn't win the clones moved their walker back into a sandstorm where neither the AT-AT's or their AT-ET were able to detect or see them. However Kanan was able to locate a AT-AT with the force and Ezra then quickly destroyed with a shot to the neck. As the shot had told him the approximate position of the walker, Kallus ordered the remaining AT-AT's to attack and they chased the walker out of the sandstorm. The rebels then escaped with the Phantom and Kallus let them go as he thought that Konstantine would stop them, unaware that the Admiral had left the system under orders of the Fifth Brother. Kallus then ordered the destruction of the clones to show them how "obsolete" they had become. Despite being damaged the walker rammed the legs of Kallus' AT-AT's to overbalance it. Just before Kallus could finish the clones the phantom and the other AT-AT who had been overtaken by the rebels attacked and managed to destroy the AT-AT forcing Kallus to abandon it and flee along with the rest of his crew.


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