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Agent Peters aka as Chef Crouton or Leader Peter's is an antagonist of the CWC Spy Ninja franchise and temporaray leader of the hacker organization Project Zorgo. His real name is revealed to be Dane Duncan. He has a sister named Alie and a half brother named the Leak aka Derrick which he cares about them and sometimes has suspicions on them.

He started out as Chef Crouton and was a full fledged member of a group called the Stalker team, which aimed to take down the Spy ninja Crew at all costs.

He was framed for being the "Stalker" and spent days in prison. He was then later freed by the Spy Ninja team and helped them escape and escape room.

Later, while Melvin, Regina, and Alie were chasing The Leak he appeared and took Alie and trapped Melvin and Regina, Regina was able to hack into the elevator and open it that's when Chef Crouton battles them and is about to win until Alie stops him.

He helped his Stalker teammates capture the spy ninjas and even put Melvin Ginera into a coffin. He is also 37 years same age as CWC.

When his sister Alie, betrayed him and his teammates he was mad and thought that Daniel was the one who was "changing" Alie and sometime afterwards, he sided with a Guy called Horseradish and hypnotized everyone in the Stalker group including Daniel Gizmo in hopes of taking down the Spy ninjas once and for all but failed as he couldn't do it anymore.

Later, the Spy ninjas had a suspicion that Agent Peters the FBI agent who they trusted was actually Chef Crouton, who had the "leaders" body. He trapped the spy ninjas and split them apart which the Chad Wild Clay and Daniel Gizmo found more clues about Agent Peters and who he truly was.

When the Spy ninjas began following Crouton, they later find out that Crouton is actually Agent Peters and switches clothes and also find out that he wants to be the new PZ leader and restore Project Zorgo again marking his days as Chef Crouton over.

He held out tryouts for his team and recruited people from Roblox to join his team, which failed as a result of him escaping.

In Aug of 2021, Peter's took over the Project Zorgo channel and started uploading a timer in which he was going to do something to the spy ninjas.

He then uploaded a video that he was building a hacker army to fight against the spy ninjas and announced that on Sept 4th was goin to be something big, which turned out to be restarting PZ again

He is currently arrested by the FBI after he was taken down by the "PZ Killer" on Sept 4th, which he promised people and Spy Ninja fans that Project Zorgo will come back which has angered many Project Zorgo fans and supporters that he has been defeated