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Mr. Wilson. What if I told you, that we can make you better? Giving you abilities that most men only dream of. Listen, I'm a representative of a very secret organization and I can promise you that you would not regret after this. If you decide, call me.
~ Agent Smith manipulating Deadpool.

The Recruiter, mockingly referred to as "Agent Smith" by Deadpool, is a supporting antagonist in the 2016 comedy hit film, Deadpool. He is a henchman of Ajax who helps find and recruit subjects for the Weapon X Program.

He was portrayed by Jed Rees.


Confronting Wade

Not long after Wade Wilson had been diagnosed with cancer, which led him into believing that there was no hope left, the Recruiter went to the club that Wade usually is in in order to convince him that they would be able to cure his cancer and give him superpowers. Weasel informed Wade about what the Recruiter wanted. Deadpool confronted him and wasn't very tempted, and jokingly said that he might come back another day. The same day, Wade did walk back to the club, seeing life as useless at that point and was sure that he would die anyway from cancer. Unfortunately, everything the Recruiter said about Wade becoming a superhero was false, and instead he had to go through a lot of torture.

Presumed Death

After Ajax brutally disfigured Wade's face, Wade sought revenge. He asked all of Ajax's henchmen if they knew where he was, including the Recruiter. Despite the Recruiter telling Deadpool a part of where Ajax was, the mercenary did severely hurt, if not kill, the Recruiter.


The Recruiter is always sophisticated and calm. Even when Wade threatened him to death, he remained somewhat cool.



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