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Villain Overview

Humans have been nature's dominant predator since the beginning of time. And this is the closest I will ever get to hunting you.
~ Agent Trout's true nature.
You think you belong? That you can fit in with the rest of society? You are nothing but some filthy mindless BEASTS!
~ Agent Trout’s villainous breakdown as he rages about his deep hatred for bears.
(laughs) I guess you bears are good for something, after all. (Grizz: No! Don't do this, Trout!) And who's gonna stop me? Hmm? Your bear stack can't reach me from there! (laughs)
~ Agent Trout leaving the bears to die in the wildfire and his last words.

Agent Buck Trout is the main antagonist of Cartoon Network's 10th animated feature film We Bare Bears: The Movie.

He is an corrupt government agent and the commander of National Wildlife Control who wants to restore the "natural order" by separating the bears. He is also the archenemy of Grizz.

He was voiced by Marc Evan Jackson, who also voiced Bradford Buzzard in the DuckTales 2017 reboot and played Shawn in The Good Place.


During the courts about the Bears for going wild through the entire city, Agent Trout arrived as starts to gave some of his fake news to the people that the bears had been stack to be dangerous and they must have to be separated by maintaining order by any means of possible. Once the bears are taken away with Trout watching them, Darren, Tabes, Chloe, Lucy, and others appears and furiously confronts him for being cruel towards the bears and his deceiving everyone. Trout instead callously dismiss their complaints and claims he is sending them to the nature preserve, much to Chloe's disgust. Ironically, Murphy appears, making Trout freak out, then Trout lashed at Murphy for not going inside the van.

The next morning began with police investigating the Bears cave, Agent Trout arrives before he summons his reinforcements to preparing them to capture the bears. In an attempt to fulfill his ambitions, Agent Trout must be ready to separate the bears in natural order: Grizzly Bear in North America, Panda Bear in China, and Ice Bear in the Arctic. Trout captures and reveals his true plans to Grizz before leaving proceed with his plans.

Grizz and the other bears break out of their cells and ambushes the helicopter that carries Ice Bear & Panda Bear where several soldiers run away scared by their fury. As Trout threatens them with his Taser as he explains his true nature, but it was foiled when Grizz throws the axe to Ice Bear who freed himself and helps Panda before they both landed safely, much to Trout's shock. Surrounded with angry bears, Trout frantically tries to attack them until runs into the empty cell that locks him up that protest about nature, only for Grizz to refute that he should from it before the wildfire spreads everywhere.

Upon the failures of his attempts, Agent Trout tries to escape and leaves the bear in the wildfire (possibly out of spite for ruining his plans) before he was ambushed by the hands of Officer Murphy. Following his defeat, Trout himself was finally arrested and imprisoned by Murphy and the rest of his police officers for endangering the bear species and some other crimes he committed.

It is somewhat implied that Trout was sentenced to prison for possibly the rest of his life, with his position getting permanently removed for his crimes where he would suffers the worst atrocities in prison, therefore receiving ironic and karmic fate like he exactly did to all bears for his own pleasure.


He is a tall, slender middle-aged man with grey hair, he wears glasses and black gloves and he also wears a black suit with a blue tie and a light brown trench coat with a badge on it.


Trout's a highly corrupt and selfish hypocrite; when he first showed up he made everyone turn on the Bears even more by selfishly convincing everyone that the Bears are monsters and that they stack and he had them arrested but rescued by Charlie. Despite being a human supremacist, Trout is very abusive, cold and controlling towards other humans who act dumb or side with animals (especially Officer Murphy and Chloe Park), as this shows what a downright hypocrite he is.

Later, as he brought officer Murphy to recapture them, Murphy saw Trout's true intentions to cruelly capture the bears and separate them from each other for his own selfish needs to keep the bears in the right species line. As the film progresses, Trout shows more of his true colors of being nothing but a extremely cruel, racist psychopath who is obsessed with "maintaining order" and enjoys using his authority in torturing and imprisoning animals (especially bears) for sport and pleasure.

Trout is also extremely xenophobic, heartless, murderous and completely narcissistic sadist as he hates anything that isn't human and would resort to commit murder as he tried to kill all the bears in the reserve for trying to escape and also spitefully willing to leave all the Bears to die in fire when the Bears stacks up to escape onto the helicopter.

But all in all, Trout's personality is proven of leading to his downfall where he was ambushed by a disgusted Officer Murphy who finally turning against Trout by shoving Donut as the way he did exactly abuses Murphy repeatedly to shut his mouth with many pastries in annoyance, then resulted in the arrest for animal abuse.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Senses - Trout has extremely accurate senses, allowing them to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel better than an average member of their species.
  • Peak Human Condition - Trout's bodily functions are pushed to the pinnacle of human conditioning; therefore, the user's strength, speed, stamina, senses, agility, reflexes, accuracy, longevity, durability, intelligence, healing time, flexibility and combat skills are near-enhanced/superhuman.


  • Though he is the main antagonist of the television film, Agent Trout is shown to be the most evil villain in the series due to not only he had captured all of the bears without any shed of remorse, but also crossed it by leaving the Bears to die in fire at the forest.
  • Trout is the common name for a number of freshwater fish and are the main food source for brown bears.
    • This also comprehends with Agent Trout's main conflict with the Bears and his willingness to commit murder to get rid of them.
  • In a promotional photo, he was shown to be younger and having brown hair and a purple tie, this possibly was him when he was younger or his early design/concept art.
  • Even he let the bears die, he would be arrested for almost wiping out the the bears. So no matter what, he would still be punished.


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