Agito is a child of Fog Mother whose true form is the Lizard Man and a major antagonist in Kamen Rider J.


When Agito, Garai and Zu went to obtain a sacrifice for Fog Mother, Agito killed Kouji while his siblings abducted his child companion Kana. Agito was later sent out to kill Kouji again after he was revived as Kamen Rider J by the spirits of the Earth and sent to defeat Fog Mother. In his confrontation with Kouji, Agito revealed his true form as Lizard Man and attacked Kamen Rider J.

Agito initially overpowered J until J injured his eye. Agito attempted to flee to a cliff, but Kamen Rider J finished him off with a Rider Punch, with his dead body plummeting into the lake below.
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