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The Agito are antagonists from Dragalia Lost. They consist of six individuals who each has a transformation of some sort.


In the interlude for Chapter 13, they kidnap and assassinate a corrupt member of the Illian Church and set the building on fire. Shortly after, Volk and Ciella infiltrate the building for certain documents. They were able to procure them from Harle who handed them to the two Agito on a silver platter.


  • Volk: He is a man who has deep resentment towards the privileged and seeks to put them to the slaughter. His weapon of choice is the claw and can transform into a winged werewolf.
  • Kai Yan: He holds a social Darwinist attitude towards other species. His weapon of choice is a mace and can transform into a minotaur.
  • Ciella: She was once a Palydin of the Illian Church until the Sylvan discrimination led to her being ousted, she now seeks to liberate people from the "false justice". Her weapon of choice is the bow and arrow and her transformation is that of a harpy.
  • Ayaha and Otoha: The two sisters possess a twisted sense of freedom, doing whatever they want however they want. Their respective weapons of choice are an axe and a fan, and their transformation is that of a fused butterfly fairy.
  • Sixth unidentified member: Nothing is known about him, but he seems to be a human male based on his silhouette.


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